How To Find Adult-Only Resorts

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There are times when you, frankly, don't want to vacation with or around children. Your honeymoon might be one of them. After all, what could kill a romantic moment more than a baby crying in the corner of a candlelit dining room? Or toddlers bouncing on the beds in the hotel room next door -- at 2 a.m.?

Or perhaps you and your partner are due for a kid-free vacation -- that is, a vacation free not only from strangers' children, but your own. I know when I'm traveling with my husband on an intended romantic getaway, nothing can deflate my happy bubble more than seeing parents and children enjoying time together. I start to wonder if we should have taken our kids along.

That's why I'm a fan of adult-only resorts. What a nice way to relax and meet other like-minded folks! 

Here are some tips for finding a resort that's just right for you:

  1. Consider an all-inclusive property. At all-inclusive vacation resorts, you pay up front for your hotel room and for all or most meals and drinks -- plus, entertainment, use of sports gear and other amenities. If you want to simply stay on resort property and not eat at outside restaurants often, an all-inclusive is for you.

    There are dozens of adult-only all-inclusive resorts all over the world, but they are typically found at beach destinations. The websites Vacations to Go and All-Inclusives list most if not all of them. Also check out Couples, Sandals, Hedonism, Secrets and Breezes. These are popular honeymoon resorts in the Caribbean and the Bahamas.

  2. Look at destination spas. Most destinationadult only resorts spas have age restrictions. Typically, guests must be over the age of 13 to stay at a destination spa; some spa resorts require guests to be 17.

    Spas can be wonderfully relaxing and romantic -- and fun. Take fitness classes with your partner; maybe try some golf or tennis lessons. Dine on healthy food and share protein smoothies in the afternoon. Take naps together by the pool. Look for spas that offer couples' massages; the world-class Miraval Resort in Phoenix and Green Valley Resort&Spa in St. George, Utah, have couples' treatments.

  3. Check out Child Free Travel. This online travel agency can help you book vacation packages to adult-only resorts all over the world, including the Caribbean, Hawaii, Australia, Fiji and Bermuda.
  4. Visit TripAdvisor. It's always great to hear what other people have to say about your potential vacation choices. At TripAdvisor, where users post reviews of accommodations all over the world, travelers weigh in on everything from the resort's food to the hardness of the bed. While it's important to remember to take others' opinions with a grain of salt -- perhaps they were feeling particularly grumpy when they wrote up their review -- it might help you find the ideal resort for your upcoming romantic getaway.


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simple enough to do. thank you.

By James Goetz

Good tips, would have enjoyed a few more specific examples of top resorts.

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