How To Find Cheap Airline Tickets

Money, passport and airline ticket

The best way to find cheap airline tickets is to search online. The internet has provided us with a whole new way of comparing, selecting, ordering and purchasing airline tickets. It saves loads of time and money. Here are several very useful tips for getting yourself and your family where you need and want to be inexpensively and comfortably.

  1. Check various travel websites and compare prices. Some sites are not airline companies, but rather search engines for available seats. Here is a list of my favorites.
    • features a 'name your own rate' tool. You can type in a price and they will search for seats at that price.
    • offers perhaps the largest variety of choices.
    • is another great site to check for low prices.
  2. If you book directly through an airline, ask for the lowest prices. They often reserve some last-minute seats.
  3. I really recommend the online option for this reason; it's a 24-hour service that you can use yourself to find the lowest price quickly. When our daughter needed to make an emergency flight home from South Carolina, I booked a flight at 2:30 a.m. for 6:30 a.m. that same morning. In doing so, I found a flight for $400 less than the going rate. She had one short layover and a nice, comfortable flight.
  4. Try to book your seats as early as possible. This will help you secure a better price.
  5. Avoid traveling on holidays or very near the holiday.
  6. Your best days for cheap travel tend to be Tuesday through Thursday.
  7. To get the best prices, it helps to be as flexible as possible with your options. In other words, consider optional dates, times, airports and possible layovers.
  8. If you can travel to the larger airports near your departure or arrival areas, you will generally find better prices. For example, we drove our daughter to Bishop Airport in Flint, Michigan, instead of Gerald Ford Airport in Grand Rapids, which is closer. We saved about $200 even after the $20 we paid for gas.
  9. To save money on tickets, you may sometimes have to choose a flight with a layover. Make sure you know your other flight number and airline. A layover may be a nuisance, but you can save a bundle.
  10. When you order your tickets, be sure to read the fine print. Familiarize yourself with all details.
  11. Bring a cell phone so you will not have to pay the costly pay-phone charges.
  12. Don't park your car at the airport; the rates are exorbitant. If you can, pay someone to give you a ride or have someone accompany you and take your car home for you. Not only will you save parking money, but your car will be safer as well.
  13. Watch out for taxi prices. In one taxicab ride, you can lose all the money you saved on tickets. If you need public transportation, check out local bus systems.
  14. Keep you baggage at or under the weight limits. You will pay about $75 for an extra 25 pounds. Pack your bags in an organized way; don't bring anything you don't need!

This system should provide you with safe, enjoyable and affordable travel.


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