How To Understand Airline Excess Baggage Charges

One of the best ways to save money when traveling is learning to pack light. Excess baggage charges can cost you lots of money. Before traveling, check the excess baggage charges for the airline that you are traveling with. Bring only the things that you are going to need. Weigh your luggage to make sure that it does not go over the specified weight and you will not have to pay for your excess baggage. It is also good to have some extra space in your luggage so that you have space to bring home souvenirs from your vacation. Different airlines have different excess baggage rates.

Here are some of the excess baggage charges for different airlines:

  1. American Airlines. For American Airlines, you are required to pay $20.00 for 1 check-in bag and $30.00 if you have a second bag to check-in. These are the charges for people who are going to travel within the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. For flights to other countries, you can check-in 2 bags free of charge. They charge $100.00 for the third, fourth and fifth bag and $200.00 for each bag that you are going to check-in after the fifth bag. Passengers can have one carry-on luggage free of charge.
  2. Northwest Airlines. The Northwest Airlines company charges $20.00 for the first check-in luggage and $30.00 for the second. Passengers who have more luggage to check-in must pay $100.00 for each additional piece of luggage. These are the fees for domestic flights. You can pay $5.00 less if you pay these fees online. For international flights, you are allowed 2 check-in bags for free but there are baggage restrictions. If your baggage exceeds 50 lbs., you are required to pay additional fees, depending on your destination.
  3. Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines charges $20.00 for the first check-in bag and $30.00 for the second bag. These air baggage fees are for domestic flights. For international flights, you are allowed to check-in 2 bags for free. Your bags must not exceed 50 lbs. each. If you have additional bags to check-in, you will have to pay anywhere from $200.00 - $600.00, depending on the weight and size of your bag. If the weight of your extra baggage goes over 50 lbs., you will have to pay fees ranging from $90.00 - $300.00 depending on the excess weight of your bag.
  4. Air France. Air France allows passengers to have 2 check-in items free of charge but these bags must not exceed 50 lbs. each. Any bag that exceeds that weight will be charged $50.00. If you have to check-in more bags, you must be ready to pay $150.00 for each additional bag. Air France may have different airline baggage policies for international and domestic flights. They have a weight calculator so you can check the different rates for every flight.

These are the airline excess baggage fees for some airlines. Before traveling, make sure that you know these policies so that you can avoid paying hundreds of dollars for having excess baggage. Most airlines also give discounts to passengers who will pay the baggage fees online. You can take advantage of this to be able to save some money.


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