How To Find the Best Airlines for Travel to Hawaii

Hawaii! Who hasn't dreamed of going on a vacation there? The beautiful beaches, the waves, and the other wonderful attractions - all of these together definitely spell heaven on earth, which we would all love to experience at least once in our lifetime. Part of any vacation experience is the travel to the destination, so it's highly important that you choose the best airline to get you safely to Hawaii, minus all the possible hassles and inconveniences. So if you're looking for top air flights to Hawaii, here's a list of four:

  1. Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian Airlines (HAL) is the largest Hawaii-based airline and runs its main offices at the Honolulu International Airport. It is regarded to be a reliable and safe choice, and HAL fliers usually report good service over-all, including good customer service, on-time flight records and good food. Flight prices do have a tendency to change everyday, so it's a good idea to compare daily prices at its website to find the best rates, especially if your flight doesn't need to happen at a fixed date. 
  2. American Airlines. American Airlines is a major US airline, with hubs in different airports such as at the Chicago-O'Hare International Airport, Miami International Airport and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Its frequent flyer program is called AAdvantage, the first air travel promo of its kind. Its main advantage over other airlines is its frequent flights to Hawaii. Its website is also easily navigable and displays different promos you can take advantage of.
  3. United Airlines. United Airlines is another major US airline, and it is widely considered to be a safe and reliable choice when traveling through the air ways. Its website is comprehensive and offers detailed information on flights including in-flight movie schedules and promos. Other options United offers include having additional seat legroom (up to five inches) for an additional, low fee. It offers the most number of flights from the US mainland to Hawaii.
  4. Delta Airlines. It offers nonstop flights to Hawaii's four major islands. Its frequent flyer program is Delta SkyMiles. Food and service are generally regarded to be satisfactory.

When making airline reservations to fly to Hawaii, here is some other information that might be good to consider:

  • Hawaii's peak season is from mid-December to March or April, while off-season is from mid-April to mid-June, and September to early December.
  • Remember that it may be wiser to have your vacation during the off peak season to take advantage of lower air fares available during that time.
  • However, you may be the type who would enjoy the greater life and activity that accompanies Hawaii during its peak seasons; in that case you might opt to book way in advance to find your preferred accommodations during the peak season.

You can choose to visit websites that would help you do your comparison shopping among the best air flights to Hawaii. All you'd have to do is to put in your preferred date of departure and your destination, and that website would provide a list of airlines that have those available flights. You could compare prices, taking into consideration also the over-all considered reliability of the listed airlines.

To get more personalized assistance, you can opt to check out the airlines' phone numbers listed on their websites, and then talk personally to a sales attendant to specify your specific seating preferences, if there are any. Consider hiring a travel agent to help you get better deals on airfare and to help you manage your vacation and travel plans.

Go into more detail about your travel plans - include your airport parking options, for example. For example, if you are looking into car parking options at Detroit Metro Airport, know that there are even some special coupons and discounts you can take advantage of.

There you have it! Those are just some of the tips that could help you in choosing the best airline to Hawaii. Good luck, and happy vacationing!


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