How To Find the Best International Airlines for Cheap Flights

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Are you one of those people who have long been aspiring to travel overseas but have always delayed the plan because of financial constraints? Have you ever experienced saving every cent just so you could live out your dream of flying to other countries, but you get frustrated when you realize that what you have is still not enough even just for the airfare? If your answer is yes, this article knows exactly the best solution for you: cheap flights to your chosen destination! Interested? Read on.

Big airlines don’t usually offer a lot of travel packages that are cheap. And when they do so, chances are that these flights are booked fully the moment you contact them. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the story, because there are a lot of alternatives in the market. A number of airlines, be it domestic or international, are now offering cheap flights without compromising quality services. Check out the following airlines that offer cheap tickets that you can choose from:

  • Bmibaby. One of the best airlines that offer low-cost international flights is the Bmibaby Limited, which is a subsidiary of British Midland Airways. It travels to nine countries—Czech Republic, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Republic of Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands—serving a total of 30 destinations all over the world. Committed to providing cheap travel, Bmibaby flights offer a ‘choose-what-you-need' approach, which enables you to have the flexibility of choosing the services you want and pay only for those that you used.
  • Monarch Airlines. Named as the best charter airline by the Telegraph Travel Awards, UK-based Monarch Airlines serves over 100 destinations worldwide through its scheduled and charter flights. This airline, in partnership with holiday companies, offers budget charter flights that are specially catered to travelers and tourists. It has partnered with various tour operators to also provide flight services even for special cases such as company or business trips.
  • Thomas Cook Airlines. Holiday flights are Thomas Cook Airline’s area of expertise. It offers numerous bargain holiday flights and packages from the United Kingdom to about 100 destinations worldwide. It flies for many tour operators, with Thomas Cook Tour Operations as its major user.

Well, now that you know the airlines that offer affordable flight tickets, don’t forget to book as early as possible to get the best and cheapest deals. Don’t wait for last-minute flights, as they will surely be costlier than flights booked in advance. It is also advisable to book for two-way flights, instead of one way, so you can make use of discounts and promos.  

Generally, the key decisive aspects in the price of your international flight ticket will be the duration of the flight, the number of stopovers and the services offered by the airline. With many airlines now offering cheap flights and other packages for cost-conscious travelers like you, your long-time dream of flying to various destinations in the world will no longer remain just a dream but become a reality. So what are you waiting for? Live out your dream now!


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