Booking New York Cruises to Nowhere: Cruise Travel and Tips

Plan a Cruise from New York Without Ever Leaving the City

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Living in New York, your options for cruises are very limited unless you fly to meet up with a cruise ship. You can take Bermuda cruises but that season is very short and they usually fill up quickly. Another option is taking a 'cruise to nowhere'. These are actually quite popular. Here's how to do it.

You can deal directly with the cruise line by telephone or via their website or you can visit any of the local travel agencies. They are all quite familiar with this popular type of vacation getaway.

What makes it so appealing is that you do not have to fly anywhere to catch the cruise. This eliminates airport parking or shuttle service, long security lines at the airport, the flight down to the port city, and the shuttle or taxi over to the port. They just need to drive over and park at the pier then get on board and start enjoying themselves.

Being able to get away from their busy, hectic life is great. Even though it doesn't go anywhere you still have many options on board. They keep you well fed as they do on every kind of cruise. Sleep late if you like and spend the time relaxing by the pool or reading a good book or you can get up early and take advantage of an early morning jog around the deck or exercise class before you take in breakfast. The choice is yours.

On board, you also have great entertainment. You can take in different shows or see a movie, there's a disco if you are inclined to dance the night away too. Most have a sports bar to catch the latest game, a card room to meet with old and new friends, and a library where you can pick up a book, newspaper or a magazine. They literally have something for everyone.

Plan to book as soon as you can, the cabins tend to book up quickly. This can guarantee you the best price and the cabin location that you are looking for.


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