Book a Flight on Alaska Airlines

Just like most modern airlines, Alaska Airlines lets passengers book flights and trips online, through One great feature of the Alaska Airlines online booking system is that you can "talk" to a Virtual Assistant named "Jenn" who you can ask questions pertinent to booking flights and traveling via Alaska Airlines.

If you're booking a flight with Alaska Airlines, here are a few things of which you should take note.

  • Origin and Destination The most important step, of course, is to identify your points of origin and destination. As with other online booking systems, you simply have to key in the first few letters of your origin and destination points, and the system will give you choices, based on relevant matches. If you know the three-letter airport code, you can simply input these. For instance, if you're leaving from New York's La Guardia airport, you can simply key in LGA.
  • Flight Schedules Indicate your preferred dates of departure and return trip. Alaska Airlines' booking system gives you the option of choosing the approximate time of departure. You can select a schedule in the morning, afternoon, evening, or during "red eye" times, which means anytime from 9 in the evening to 6 in the morning. "Red eye" flights are usually cheaper, but if you're afraid to fly at night, this might not be a good option. If time schedules are not a big deal, you can select the "Anytime" option, which gives you flexibility to find flights at any time during your indicated departure and return dates.
  • Enter Number of Passengers Enter the number of adults and children who will take the flight. Adults are, of course, charged the full fare. Children, meanwhile, can enjoy discounted fares. Alaska Airlines defines a "Child" as someone between 2 and 17 years of age.
  • Other Details You can input discount codes or coupons, and you can input whether you have applicable mileage points that you can redeem for cash discounts or free seat upgrades.
  • Select Flights Once you hit the "GO" button, the booking system will now search for available flights and seats, according to the information you have entered. The results screen can sort flighty by number of stops, times of departure, times of arrival, and price. Now since Alaska Airlines is affiliated with American Airlines and Horizon Airlines, you can also see flight schedules from these affiliates.
  • Summary and Payment Select the flight that suits you best, and then click the "Continue" button. Here you will be shown an itinerary, and a summary of fees to be paid, including taxes. You will be asked to either log in (if you already have a user account), or continue as a guest and sign up later. Once you click "Continue" you will now be asked to input the travelers' names and mileage numbers (if applicable). You also need to enter your contact information.
  • Select Your Seats The next step involves selecting your seats from a seat map, whether by exactly pointing out which seat you prefer, or just a general preference (window seat, aisle seat, front, or back). If this option does not matter to you, then the system can automatically assign a seat.
  • Payment and E-Ticket Lastly, the system will ask you to input credit card details. Once your transaction has been approved, you will be shown an e-ticket, which you should print. This will serve as your receipt and this is actually the ticket you will need to bring when checking in.


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