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Low-cost airlines have been all the rage since the turn of the century. With rising costs of living, people have started realizing the advantages of no frills airlines. These airlines do away with expensive overhead costs by getting rid of ticketing offices and even various onboard amenities like onboard food and the like. And so, when booking a flight on Frontier Airlines, you wouldn't usually expect to be able to visit a booking office, because booking is all done online.

Clear your cookies. The first thing you should do when booking online, or when searching for cheap flights for that matter, is to clear your cookies. Whenever you visit websites, your browser saves little pieces of information, like preferences, passwords, and even times and durations of visits. Now when you've checked for airfare prices online, chances are the sites you visit have placed some record of your previous visits to them, and they can get information on what other airlines, destinations, and prices you have been researching. You might not get the latest and best prices, if your browser has stored a cache of previous web research.

Find a flight. Frontier Airlines' online reservation screen is strikingly simple. Unlike most other airline websites that offer a plethora of options, here you only need to input a few things.

  • First, select whether you're buying a round-trip ticket, or a one-way ticket. With no-frills, low-cost airlines, sometimes the difference between buying round-trip and buying the departure and return-trip tickets separately is usually very minimal, since costs are already minimized anyway. But if you want to be assured of seats during your return trip, a round-trip ticket would be ideal.
  • Then, key in the departure and destination locations. You can key in the airport code (such as SFO for San Francisco, LGA for La Guardia in New York). Frontier's online booking lets you just key in a few letters and it gives you options based on relevant matches, as you type.
  • Select the number of passengers. You are given the option of indicating the number of children and infants, as airfare for kids is usually charged at a discount.
  • Select the dates of your departure and return trip. When you click on the date fields, an onscreen calendar is shown, and you can simply click on the dates.
  • Select whether to search by flexible dates or price. The price feature lets you search for the best priced trips, but these might not necessarily fall under the exact day of your desired departure.

Select your flight. Frontier's online booking system will show you different options, with corresponding flight dates, times, and ticket prices. Note that airfare pricing varies, according to the demand. Travel during peak seasons results in higher prices. The system usually already selects the best-priced option for you, but you can choose to change your seat type and location at this point. When you've selected your flight/s, you will then be shown your travel itinerary, along with some notes on other fees and charges you might incur during a trip, such as fees for checking in bags, onboard snacks, and the like.

Here are some tips for getting the best deals. When booking with low-cost airlines, it's sometimes more sensible to book when your expected date of departure is nearing. It's not that they give discounts to late ticket-buyers. But low-cost airlines consider the cost of a trip against the number of passengers they expect to buy tickets to that trip. The more passengers who book, the cheaper they can sell tickets.


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