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Northwest Airlines is one of the world's largest airlines, with both domestic and international operations. If you are planning to travel by air anytime soon, booking online would be one of the options you should consider.

Booking a flight on Northwest Airlines through NWA's own website,, lets you customize your flight according to your own preferences and budget. Here are a few features of the online reservations system of NWA that would make booking a breeze.

  • Search by price. With the economic problems faced by businesses and families these days, more and more are looking into ways of saving money. When flying Northwest, you can search for flights according to price. This can be very useful if you are not so specific about what time or date you wish to fly, because you can actually save on airfare if you fly during off-peak days, or during off-peak times. This usually means flights at nighttime or during the middle of the week.
  • Search by schedule. This is usually the method preferred by business flyers and those flying on layover trips. If you absolutely have to be in one place at a certain time, then you will need to be able to select the departure and/or arrival times when you book your flight.
  • Flight types. Online booking allows you to select the type of flight you are taking. Most flyers would usually select round-trip airfare, but you have the option to purchase one-way tickets. Here you are also given the option of choosing between direct flights, non-stop flights, or flights with layovers. If your itinerary includes international travel, then you would most likely have to fly to an international hub first and then transfer to another flight.
  • Cabin class. NWA's flight search gives you the option of selecting your cabin class and fare class. If you have a membership with WorldPerks, then you can check this option, in case you are eligible for a free upgrade, or for discounts.
  • Flexibility. NWA's online booking also allows you to play around with schedules. If you don't have any specific date, you can check the "flexible dates" box, and the search system will give you different options, in which you can select the most ideal flights, based on schedule and pricing. You can even check the "weekends" option, which will limit your flight to weekends, in case you're looking for a quick weekend getaway.

Once you have keyed in all the appropriate inputs, such as number of travellers, including number of children and senior citizens, you will be brought to the search results screen, where you can select your desired schedule and pricing. Once you have confirmed, you will then be asked to select seats and then you can pay online through any major credit card. Remember to print the e-ticket, which will serve as your receipt and which will contain the confirmation code that serves as your ticket.

NWA also allows early check-in, in which you can get a printable booking pass within 24 hours before the actual flight. This way, you can avoid the hassles of extra queues while at the airport. This is just among the many conveniences that online booking affords. Book online today, and see how easy it is.


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