How To Buy Jon Boats

I remember how happy I was on the day I bought my jon boat. I liked fishing from the banks of small lakes, but buying a jon boat gave me freedom to fish the whole lake. A jon boat is an aluminum flat bottomed boat that has flat bench type seats. There are a few things you must consider when buying a jon boat. What do you plan to do with your jon boat? How will you transport it? These are things people often forget to take into account when buying a Jon boat. Here's how to get a good boat.

If you and one more person want to float lazily down a creek, or if you'll simply be crossing a small lake using paddles, then buy a jon boat that is eight or ten feet long with no motor. To fish in those small waters add an electric trolling motor to the same jon boat purchase. If you want to carry more than two people, you will need to buy a jon boat that is at least twelve feet long.

Before you buy a jon boat, always check the maximum number of passengers and maximum weight capacity. Take these numbers seriously; more than one boating excursion has been ruined by people overloading their boats. 

If you want to fish, hunt, or just cruise on lakes larger than 50 acres, you will need to purchase a jon boat with a gas-powered outboard motor. More horsepower means more speed, but jon boats ride rougher as they go faster. When you buy a jon boat and then add an outboard motor, check the boat manufacturer's recommendations. You can easily sink if you buy a jon boat with too large a motor.

If you intend to haul your boat in the bed of a truck, it can be difficult to put your jon boat in the water if you are alone. If you buy a jon boat without a motor, it can be hauled easily with a small single-axle trailer. Check with the boat's manufacturer for the proper trailer if you buy a jon boat with an outboard motor. Don't assume that the trailer being sold with the boat is adequate.

There are several items that people often forget about when buying a jon boat. Check the cost of registration with your local government before you buy a axel boat. The cost of paddles, safety vests, and trolling motor batteries, are just a few of the items that are often forgotten in calculating the price when buying a jon boat.


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