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The economy has changed the way a lot of people travel for vacation. We don't just pack up the 'ole family station wagon and drive off into the sunset. Planning the perfect vacation can be stressful and very expensive. Here are a few ideas that may lessen the stress and help make that next vacation as smooth and effortless as clicking a button.

Travel vacations, resort vacations, cruises and, of course, great package deals are available to relieve the stress of your vacation. Nearly anyone can find a vacation package, day trip or weekend getaway to fit any budget or range of interests. In fact, there are cheap vacation packages out there that will surprise you with the bang you get for your buck.

Disneyland vacations are always great fun for the entire family, and you can find information about those here. Bahamas vacations or Mexico vacations may be more interesting for those unpredictable teens. When all else fails, there are family cruises that offer fun for all and wonderful, delicious food while you glide to your destination. Let our articles open up the world for you and your family.

There are also exciting travel destinations available for newlyweds. In fact, there are lots of great romantic honeymoon vacation packages which offer romantic hideaways that are off the beaten path. Or, if you prefer, there is a wealth of information about high-end resorts and spas for you and that special someone to enjoy.

Seniors have special interests, and vacation packages for seniors are geared to meet their expectations of fun in the sun. Student travel packages are available for the young, adventurous traveler who is ready to explore and enjoy all that the world has to offer. You can learn about these and other specialty packages in our articles.

Vacations and getaways are fun for all - and they aren't just for summer any more! Visit our site to learn about all of the great places you can go and leave that family station wagon behind.

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