Trip Preparation & Tips

This section of our website gives insider tips about aspects of travel which can be easily overlooked when planning your trip. Here you will find helpful articles on different matters, from creating packing lists to finding affordable flights to destinations all over the world.

In our Choosing and Booking section, you can locate information about finding lodging and flights. For example, you can read about how to find cheap hostels or how to find a luxurious villa overseas, how to book tickets for entertainment, and, of course, how to locate and book flights online.

Our Gearing Up and Health & Safety sections provide you with tons of advice on what to take with you depending on the destination, how to avoid a shark attack, and any other travel-related topic in between.

Everything you need to know about maps and destinations you can find in our Guides and Maps section. Besides obvious advice on how to read a map, there are also articles about using an ATM abroad and about entertainment in different parts of the world.

The Packing section shows you how to pack enough for your vacation and still be within airlines' security and weight guidelines. This section also advises you on the luggage restrictions and how to find this information. Our Paperwork section deals with everything related to documents that you need for your travel, from passports to visas.

The site's Planning and Trips sections show how to successfully plan your vacation, whether it's a day trip or a month in New Zealand. These sections give you advice on everything from fixing a broken case handle to using international calling cards. If you're planning a trip of any kind, our website is the perfect one-stop shop for any travel information you may need!

Wherever you are going on your trip, this webpage will provide you with information you need to make your trip an enjoyable and memorable occasion.

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