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When traveling long distances or places which you are not familiar with, creating road trip maps can make your trip easier and more enjoyable.  Here are a few tips on how you could create your own road trip map.

  1. Name where you would start your trip and where you would go.  If you are not sure of what place to go to, you could search the internet for trip suggestions.  A lot of ideas are available and you could even watch videos, see photos and read articles from other travelers.  Consider the length of time you have available, your budget, the type of trip you want, and other trip preferences you may have.
  2. Get a map of the area in which you would be traveling.  Make sure that you are looking at the right map, and if you have a long journey, see to it that you have a complete map with you.  Nothing is more troublesome than finding out that you have mistaken a place with another place with the same name, or you have brought an incomplete map.  You could purchase maps in stores or find and print online maps.
  3. Mark your starting place and your destination, and then trace the road that you prefer to travel along.  Make your mark distinct, and as much as possible, avoid using pencils or other writing materials that may blur or fade.  Consider factors like road conditions, traffic, construction zones and danger zones.  Be sure to consider the route going to and coming back from your destination.  They might be different routes altogether.
  4. Decide whether you would like to visit places along the way for sight-seeing or other purposes.  Places that you could explore are scenic areas, tourist spots, historical sites, museums, restaurants, shopping malls and other venues.  You could research about these online, by reading or asking around if the maps don’t show the places you are looking for.
  5. Mark places you want to go to on your map.  You could place notes if you like just in case you want to remember something about a specific place.
  6. Don’t forget to mark important places such as gas stations, shopping areas, hotels and dining areas.  If possible, know what time they open and close, and make a small note about it on the map.
  7. If you want to make stops, mark it on your map.  Decide on the length of time you would take on a stopover and what time you would leave for the next place you would visit.  It would affect the length of your trip and your activities. 
  8. Once you’re done, you could put all these together and bring them with you on your trip.  Bring along with you emergency numbers just in case you get lost or you need help in your trip.

Creating a road trip map is easy and useful if you dedicate some time to it.  Though it may be a bit tedious, the results far outweigh the trouble of making one. On your next road trip, try it out and enjoy a worry-free journey.  May you have a happy trip!


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