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With the economic crisis affecting most of the world today, it pays to save on expenses. This is especially true for business people who need to travel. And if you're traveling on vacation, the savings you get from cheap airfare would translate to more pocket money. You can then use this for food, accommodation, or to buy gifts for friends and loved ones left behind at home.

Search online for discounts. The easiest way to find airline tickets that are priced inexpensively is to first search for discounts or packages; or you can stick to cheap, no-frills airlines that just charge for the seat, and not for other amenities like in-flight entertainment and in-flight meals.

Find free ticket vouchers. Some flights, tour packages and mileage clubs give you free ticket vouchers for use on your next trip. Some airlines give free vouchers to passengers who are bumped off flights, or whose flights are delayed. If you are lucky enough to be given free vouchers, consider it a good opportunity for savings!

Book your ticket weeks or even months in advance. Don't wait until the day of your trip to buy your ticket. Most airlines have early booking discount that gives big discounts to early buyers. Airlines usually offer their tickets at a price range, with the cheapest being sold at earlier periods in time. You can usually get discounts if you book a flight at least four weeks in advance.

Fly during off-peak times and dates. Airlines give cheaper ticket rates when you fly during "red eye" hours, or the times between 9 in the evening up to 6 in the morning. Tickets are also cheaper during off-peak seasons. For example, travel to popular vacation spots like beaches and islands will be cheaper during the winter and rainy seasons.

Go for no-frills, cheap airlines. Bigger carriers usually sell expensive tickets because they have big administrative overhead costs. They pay salaries and rent for ticketing offices and hangars. They also charge big for in-flight entertainment and meal costs. But smaller, no-frills carriers can afford to sell tickets for cheap, because they have very minimal costs. They usually only sell e-tickets online, so they don't have to pay for staffing and rent for ticketing offices.

Check out packaged hotel and air accommodations. Airline and hotel networks usually offer all-in-one packages. These will come out cheaper than if you purchase airfare and accommodation separately.

Look for discount offers. Airlines often sell tickets at a discount during promo periods, particularly when they foresee low demand. This is usually done in off-peak seasons, or when they launch new destinations.

Finding cheap airline tickets can result in big savings. However, you should also check for conditions of the sale. For instance, some inexpensive airline tickets might be non-refundable. Or they might implement big fees when you want to cancel your flight or change your flight schedule. If you're 100% sure about your itinerary, then this will be okay. Otherwise, it might be better to book with a travel agency or with an airline that allows for free changes in schedule and time. Also, you will inevitably have to pay for travel taxes, check-in fees and other incidental charges. So be sure to look at the total picture before booking.


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