Find Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets

The saying that the early bird gets the worm definitely has application in finding dirt cheap tickets. Timing is essential, so don't delay! Think of how much money you'll be saving by cutting down on airfare tickets. This means you'll have more money to enjoy on your trip and more money for shopping as well.

  • Make reservations way ahead of time. Airlines sell their tickets for lower prices if you book flights at least two weeks before your departure. When calling the airlines, be sure to ask if there are promo discounts available. Many people make the mistake of not asking. The airlines will not voluntarily provide you with this information, so you have to ask.

There are also certain seats that are priced cheaper, but only the airlines know about this. That's why it's advisable to book early, because the cheaper prices are usually allotted to the first five or so booked seats. Ask the airline company if there are surcharges and penalties if you don't get to fly on your scheduled trip.

  • Check the websites of various airline companies. Most of them usually have ticket calculators where you'll input the dates of your departure and arrival, and the airlines will compute the costs for you. Compare their prices. When using these calculators, try to be flexible. Try different dates, or even different time slots on the same date. You'd be surprised to find out that there are differences in the price quotations. It's also cheaper to take early morning or night flights. Be sure to have paper and a pen with you, so you can jot down these various prices. Don't rely on your memory to take in all this information.
  • Take note that it's cheaper to travel on a round-trip basis than buying one-way tickets, because airlines usually provide discounts for two-way tickets. If you're making your reservation online, it's better to do so on weekdays, and never on weekends, when the prices go up considerably. Even on weekdays, some airlines sell tickets at lower prices on certain days, usually from Tuesdays to Thursdays.
  • If you're traveling with the help of a travel agency, then ask your agent to find the best deal possible. Ask him for alternate routes and schedules. You could also save a lot on tickets if you're puchasing a travel package that already includes hotel accommodations and other transportation arrangements. If you doubt the accuracy of your agent's quotation, don't hesitate to ask another travel agent.
  • Some airlines have membership cards, and if you're a member, you gain points for every mile you travel. Becoming a member is a good idea, because if you accumulate enough points, you might even get tickets for free! If you have a credit card, inquire whether they also have a point system for your purchases and if you could translate these points into free or dirt cheap tickets.
  • Keep yourself posted on travel information. Read newspapers for updates from airline companies. You can even become a member of an airline's subscriber newsletters, and you'll be receiving regular email updates about promotional discounts.

Don't settle for just cheap tickets--look for dirt cheap tickets. Traveling will have new meaning for you. Not only will it be fun, it will also be very affordable.


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