How To See Fireworks Displays in London

Remember, the fifth of November. If you’re in London for Bonfire Night and happen to be in the mood for a little gunpowder, treason, and plot, then head over to the nearest park to watch dazzling fireworks display from the world’s best pyrotechnic experts. Here's how to find fireworks displays in London.

Go online and do a search on which parks are holding fireworks display for November 5th. Most major parks will host their own fireworks display for free, with thousands and thousands of visitors expected and lots of family-friendly activities. Here are some of the parks renowned for their Bonfire night fireworks displays.

  • Alexandra Palace. It seems a little ironic that a building that suffered in two devastating fires should be the venue of one of the biggest fireworks displays in London, but thousands flock to Alexandra Palace every year to watch their fantastic display of fireworks. There are other attractions to keep the whole family entertained, including an ice skating rink and an indoor fair.
  • Wimbledon Park. Wimbledon Park is known for its traditional Guy Fawkes bonfire, authentic fairgrounds, and interesting side stalls.
  • South Park’s Oxford Round Table Fireworks Display. Not only does The Oxford Round Table celebrate Guy Fawkes’ demise with the oldest and largest fireworks display in the city, they also entertain people and raise money for charity all in one big event! Locals and tourists travel far to huddle around the bonfire while admiring the beautiful gunpowder spectacle in the sky.
  • Winchester Bonfire Night. Experience local flavor and join Winchester’s locals as they celebrate Bonfire Night with a torchlight procession that begins at Broadway, pass through the medieval center of the town, and ends at North Walls. When the procession ends, a grand fireworks display will be held at North Walls leisure center.
  • Littledown Park. This quaint park in Bournemouth is the center of Bonfire Night festivities in England’s busiest seaside town. Watch the sky explode with colored stars at the Family Display, and protect your eardrums from the loud White Knuckle Display! There’s also a soft play area, a bouncy castle, and a free disco for children.
  • Carlisle Fire Show. Enjoy a lovely view of fireworks exploding above Bitts Park at the Fire Show at Carlisle, the area’s traditional bonfire night celebration. Most Carlisle locals turn out to view this amazing display.

It might also help to do a search for fireworks display by area, if you don’t feel like traveling too far to attend Bonfire Night festivities.

Once you’ve selected which fireworks display to see, get a blanket or portable chairs before heading over to your destination. Try to arrive as early as late afternoon so you can snag a good spot for yourselves. You can also bring your own food if you wish, but most parks will have many food stalls from which to choose. Some food stalls may also serve alcohol.

Last but not least, don’t forget to bring a camera so you can take a little piece of these grand fireworks display home with you.


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