How To Find Short Weekend City Breaks Near Your Home

Ever heard of the expression, “all work and no play…”? Short breaks from work are definitely necessary, especially for high-stress jobs; vacations help you unwind and relax, and they prove essential for you to achieve peak performance at work. If you have vacation days due soon (or even if it’s just your weekend off), know that you could make the most out of it no matter how short it is – and no matter how limited your budget is. So if you’re wondering how to find short and cheap weekend city breaks near your home, here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Inquire at your local travel agency. Who says you need to travel great distances to get maximum enjoyment? Inquire at your local travel agency to see if they offer deals on city packages in a nearby town or city (not more than 2 hours travel from your home). Mostly, these city packages would include tours around historical and tourist sites; choose among the different options that appeal to you. During the holidays, you could also inquire about special promos or seasonal tours that different travel agencies offer.
  2. Be creative. Who says you have to break the bank whenever you go on holiday? Remember, your main goal should be to rest, relax and have some fun, and there are certainly tons of ways to do this on a budget. It’s good to plan around the different attractions available in your town; the key here is to be creative and to keep an open mind. Places to try out would include your local museum, an amusement park, your local planetarium, and the list goes on. Include lunch at a picnic grove in your itinerary. Remember, this is your chance to rediscover the wonders and delights that your own town has to offer.
  3. Get travel brochures and a map. You might have been living for ages in your current town yet have no idea that it’s actually home to one of the best riverside views in your country. Take your time to do some research about your town (and nearby ones as well) to get acquainted with the attractions that you never knew about before. Look up your town attractions online, or ask for travel brochures from your local tourist information center. Expand your search to the surrounding areas (around 1 to 2 hours drive away) and be pleasantly surprised at your discoveries.
  4. Visit friends. Why not set up a get together with friends who live an hour or two away from you? Not only will this give you an opportunity to reunite with friends, you could have them give you a tour around the special places in their area and a sampling of their local cuisine. Staying over at their house will ensure a cheap holiday break for you; just make sure to offer to return the favor some other time.
  5. Indulge. Give your body and spirit a major rest by indulging in city luxury during your weekend breaks. City luxury would depend on your own personal definition – would you like to indulge in a whole body massage and spa treatment? Would you like to enjoy watching a highly-anticipated movie at a high class movie theater with super comfortable movie seats and gourmet popcorn? Or it could be as simple as getting dressed up to go to a fancy restaurant serving the best wine and dessert that you have ever imagined. Remember, the key here is to indulge the senses and spirit that might be receiving abuse from the daily grind at work. Whatever you imagine relaxation to be, go ahead and enjoy it! You are certainly worth it.

These are just some ideas for you on how to find short weekend city breaks near your home. Remember, having a great time doesn’t mean you have to travel far to find it! Good luck, and have a happy vacation.


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