How To Get a Free Hotel Room Upgrade

Have you ever experienced staying in a hotel and getting a room upgrade without spending an extra dollar? Have you tried getting the best room possible and other perks at no extra charge? If you are interested to find out how this can be done, read on.

  • Always be nice. Whether you are making your reservations or during your stay in the hotel, always be courteous and polite. No one wants a difficult customer. The nice ones get rewarded and get pampered. Besides, being nice and kind is the right thing to do. Acts of kindness get rewarded in one way or the other. You might even smile your way to a free hotel room upgrade.
  • Make your booking arrangements ahead of time. Have your reservations at least two days or a week before. Try asking if they offer free hotel room upgrades. Early reservations sometimes get free perks from the management. Don't forget to do your reservations in a polite manner and it will reap good results. Asking bluntly might lower your chances of getting a free hotel room upgrade.
  • Timing is everything. There is a right time to go to a hotel and get a free hotel room upgrade. Do not go during holidays or peak months. The hotel will surely be fully booked and can't accommodate all guests. Staying for a night would be better results than having a longer stay in the hotel.
  • Be a frequent guest at a hotel. This can also increase your chances of having a free hotel room upgrade. Hotels reward loyal customers. So fill out the forms given in the hotel and have your name listed as a loyal customer. Some hotels have guest reward programs that are given to loyal customers. This may include a free room upgrade or other gift packages and freebies like free spa, basket of goodies and concert tickets.
  • Check in early. After making your reservations, be sure to check in early. Most hotel guests check-in later than the usual check-in time. Arriving earlier will give you a better chance to receive free hotel room upgrade.
  • Tip the hotel staff well and sincerely. Good tippers are given special treatment by the hotel staff. You may not only be given a free hotel room upgrade but also a VIP treatment. This also reinforces that idea that the service is good. This will work wonders because you will get rewarded by the hotel and the staff will treat you well in return.

Some hotels offer other freebies and upgrades like free breakfast and free hotel transportation. Naturally, you will want to have these too so don't hesitate to ask.

Another technique is informing the hotel staff that you are celebrating a special occasion. But be as honest as possible otherwise receiving a free hotel room upgrade would be meaningless. This works most of the time especially for couples who are celebrating their anniversaries. They may give you the nicest and most expensive suite for free just because you told them that you are celebrating your special occasion in their hotel.

So next time you stay in a hotel, remember these tips and get a free hotel upgrade.


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