Getting a AAA Map—Driving Directions and Road Maps

Learn How To Get Trip Maps and Trip Tiks from AAA and What Additions Are on the Internet

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AAA has long been an adventurer’s guide to the highway.  Few road trips were completed without a stop to get AAA trip maps to outline the trip and find the best roads to make the journey safe and quick.  Families and those who travel the road professionally have made acquiring AAA’s driving maps a priority.  Their accuracy and updates make having them a necessity on a journey. 

Traditional guides get out of date quickly.  Map directions are always changing; roads are added, routes change.  When a long trip is being considered, what is needed is accurate information that helps create a plan for the best route for the trip. AAA road maps can take the hassle out of planning.  Working with AAA either at their office or through their Internet services can take the stress out of designing your vacation, business trip, or new professional work route.

While many of us still think of visiting the AAA office as a staple to get our AAA maps, AAA has moved on.  They now have alternatives that make obtaining maps much easier.  One can still go to the local AAA office to find maps, TripTik’s, and Travel Guides.  However more services are now available for consumers of AAA products on the Internet.  These alternatives provide the same quality AAA maps, guides, and advice with the added convenience of having them available on your schedule.  Consumers have the option of ordering or utilizing planning features on off hours.  The services are open to use from the comfort of their own homes, making the products even more valuable for busy families and professional travelers.

The local AAA website presents the user with a variety of options for getting map services.  TripTik’s Travel Planner is an Internet map service that provides driving directions for people.  One of the advantages this search feature has over similar products is that it includes a function that allows you to save your searches and provides you with a list of AAA approved lodgings. Regular users of the traditional AAA TripTik’s maps rate this as one of their favorite features. This can be especially important for travelers who are traveling on an expense account, with children, or pets.  AAA’s TripTik’s have long been known for helping those with special circumstances meet their needs.  This Internet option merely gives people more choices for how to use the service.  Getting your travel maps from AAA does come with added bonuses.

Along with getting AAA maps on their website there has been a move towards giving consumers access to their Traveler’s Guides.  While on the Internet to get AAA maps, a traveler has the ability to either order or browse the detailed guides produced by AAA.  These guides make great vacation planning tools.  


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