How To Get Through Airport Security

Passing through airport security systems can cause a lot of stress.  There is a possibility that you may heat up and argue with the airport security personnel. To avoid such things, you must be aware of the do's and don'ts when going through airport security checks. Your cooperation and patience will bring about a smooth procedure for you and the airport security personnel.

  • To avoid undue anxiety, check in early. Those who are flying domestic should come in at least one hour ahead while those taking international flights should get to the airport three hours before boarding time.
  • Make sure to adhere to the new guidelines on bringing liquids. If you have with you any beverage, consume it or dispose of it before passing through security. You are not allowed to bring any kind of beverage through airport security checks. In addition if you purchased a bottle of wine as a present for your loved ones, you are not allowed to have it hand carried. Place it in your checked luggage before your flight. If you fear breakage in your luggage, wrap it tightly and securely when you pack.
  • You must remember that you are only allowed to have one hand carried bag. Your hand carried bag must not contain any liquid or gel. Remember bombs can be made from various liquid-gel based products. The airport security personnel will ask you to leave it behind if you have it in your hand carried bags. Liquid in containers in your hand carried bag weighing 3 ounce or less will, however, be allowed.
  • If you are going to bring your laptop computer with you, take it out of the case and put it in its own tray to pass through the security belt, prior to being asked. This is not a large inconvenience; especially if you're only dealing with one hand carried bag.
  • Before you even reach the x-ray machine, prepare yourself by removing your coat, jacket or sweater. Airport security will also ask you to remove your shoes, so wear the kind of shoes that can easily slip off. You should also empty your pockets. Remove anything metallic like coins, house or car keys and watches. If you are wearing a belt with a big buckle remove it and submit it for inspection. Flammable materials like butane, lighters and cigarettes will not be allowed. You do not have to remove your necklace, bracelet, earrings, or wedding or engagement ring. These kinds of jewelry will not cause the metal detector to sound. Plus, you don't want to risk forgetting it amidst your rush. Yet the airport security personnel may ask you to remove your watch and let it pass through the x-ray. You must also have in hand your valid Identification Card and boarding pass. You will still need your boarding pass as you go through the metal detector. Do not send your boarding pass through the x-ray.

With these simple tips you can now pass through airport security checks without hassle and have a safe and worry-free flight.


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