How Does a Travel Pillow Help?

Passengers who try to take naps during long hours of travel experience shoulder, back and neck pains, whether they are traveling on the road or in a plane. A travel pillow placed at the arch of the back is helpful, but the most common ones that are not too bulky are the U-shaped neck support pillows. These useful, fluffy travel companions are a big help to young and old passengers alike.

When choosing a travel pillow, it is best to get an orthopedic pillow designed to keep the body in its correct position when lying on any surface, and is in conformity with orthopedic guidelines, so it is safe and effective.

Travel pillows are usually designed for neck support and back support. These are mostly made of foam. Other neck pillows are inflatable, which makes them easier to bring along when traveling. The newer orthopedic pillows are made with memory foam, which takes the form of the body that lies on it, so it adjusts to the body shape and position. It is made of heat sensitive material that function well even under a bed sheet.

Aside from travel pillows, there are beds and cushions made of memory foam, so a person can lie down comfortably, making it easier for him to get good sleep. Manufacturers of these orthopedic cushions claim that their products can help people with sleep disorders.

There are several kinds of orthopedic pillows, depending on the body part that needs support while sleeping. Most of these pillows are used when lying in bed, except for neck pillows or travel pillows and lumbar pillows. The ones used for sleeping in bed are cervical or contour pillows, which have a curved design to take the shape of the neck, head and shoulders, especially when sleeping on the side, to avoid a stiff neck. Wedge pillows are triangular pillows useful when lying down at a slope, so these can be used while seated in the car or bus. Lumbar pillows are half-moon shaped pillows, similar to neck pillows, but support the lower back while in a seated position. There are also knee pillows used to raise the knees when lying back on the bed. A body pillow is used by side sleepers to have a more comfortable position and take the place of all other pillows for the head, neck, shoulders and back.

Among these pillows, the ones most useful during travel are neck pillows, wedge pillows and lumbar pillows. The most portable are the neck pillows, but for those who are suffering from extreme back and neck pains, and those who have already undergone surgery or are suffering from a slipped disc, it is advisable to have at least a neck pillow and a lumbar pillow. These keep the muscles and bones relaxed and the posture of the body in the correct position.


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