How To Afford a Day at Atlantis Hotel Paradise Island

How would you like to take the trip of a lifetime and be pampered and entertained from the moment you set your foot in the door of the Atlantis Hotel? Would you like to stay for a few days or a week in Paradise? Well, you can, because the Atlantis Hotel is located on Paradise Island in the ever beautiful Bahamas.

People are highly impressed when they arrive and see this hotel featuring 3,000 hotel rooms. Your stay can be fulfilled with sunny beautiful days, enjoying the sites water park, aquarium, swimming pools and fantastic beaches. Equally dazzling are the 22 restaurants along with 20 lounges.

Evening entertainment can include the 50,00 square foot casino, where you can enjoy a hand of black jack or give the slot machines a try! After a full day of water sports and entertainment you may wish to top off the evening with a trip to the Mandara Spa.

As you have probably suspected paradise may come with a hefty price! If you play your cards right, with some of these great tips you can afford the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island.

If you don’t have the very best accommodations when you stay at the Atlantis Hotel, then you should check into some of the older rooms. They typically cost less and will still serve the purpose for lodging, while you spend most of your time out sightseeing. The Beach Towers is an older well worn section, with rooms that are more affordable. If the hotel is not fully booked and you don’t care for the accommodations in the Beach Towers, you can see if they can upgrade your room, free of charge.

Internet access runs $10.00 per day, so if you only request this service every other day you can save a bit. Even though the Atlantis Hotel is filled with many restaurants serving delicious meals daily, your pocket book may suggest otherwise. Eating at establishments outside of the hotel will generally save you money.

The Blue Lagoon, which is located just outside of the resort can provide you with a tasty breakfast for about $10.00. Where as many of the restaurants located in the Atlantis Hotel charge about $25.00 per person. Eating at restaurants outside of the hotel can save you quite a bit of money.

Another work around to save a couple of bucks while you visit Paradise Island is to stay across the way from the Atlantis Hotel at the Comfort Suites. While staying at the Comfort Suites, you supply them with your passport or birth certificate and they supply you with a bracelet, good for your stay there. The key to this bracelet is that you can use all of the amenities at the Atlantis hotel for free!

You can afford a day enjoying the fantastic aquarium and relaxing on the beach at the Atlantis Hotel on Paradise Island.


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