How To Attach the Handle for Luggage Tags

Luggage bags get misplaced easily in busy airports, train stations and bus depots. This is why it is important that your luggage bags have luggage tags for easy identification. The luggage tag comes with a handle that is attached to the luggage bag itself. Luggage tag handles are usually made of plastic or fabric. Since many luggage bags look the same, you may want to give your bag its own identity. Make your luggage bag stand out by making an eye catching handle for your luggage tag. This way, you can identify your bag easily in a crowd of similar looking luggage bags.


  • Pre-made luggage tag using colorful fabric
  • Colorful fabric for the handle of the luggage tag
  • Measuring tape
  • Clear plastic
  • Fabric scissors
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine and thread


  • Measure a 2” wide by 14” long strip of fabric using your measuring tape. Using sharp fabric scissors cut the strip of fabric.
  • Fold the strip of fabric in half lengthwise (long sides together). The inside or wrong side of the strip of fabric should be touching. Iron the fabric all over.
  • Open the strip of fabric. Take one long edge and fold it inwards towards the original creased fold. Iron the fabric to set the fold. Take the other long edge and fold it also towards the original creased fold and iron once again. Finally, fold over the strip of fabric one more time and press the fabric down. You should end up with a thin strip of fabric that has been folded and pressed several times.
  • Sew one side of the long fabric to about an eighth of an inch. Make sure to sew on the open seam side. Sew the other side of the long fabric also at one eighth of an inch. The seam is very small. What you are doing is sealing the fabric so that the folded fabric does not open up and it will stay flat. You now have your luggage tag handle.
  • Bring the two ends of the handle side by side. Insert the ends into the opening of the luggage tag forming a loop. Stick it inside to about one half inch to one inch deep. Place the clear plastic on top of the luggage tag. It should be an inch below the luggage handle.
  • Start sewing the luggage tag starting from the top left side sewing over the handles. You should backstitch over the handles to make sure it is secure. Continue sewing around the tag. As you reach the point where the plastic starts, do a backstitch before continuing on. Do another backstitch once you reach the other end of the plastic. Finish sewing where you started. You should be able to insert a piece of hard paper in between the plastic and the fabric of the luggage tag.

Luggage tags are a requirement if you are traveling on a plane. But even if it is not a requirement on other modes of transportation, it is important to give you luggage bag its own identification tag. One way to make your luggage bag stand out is to attach a unique handle made of fabric to your luggage tag. This easy to do project will help you locate your luggage bag quickly in a sea of similar looking luggage bags.


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