How To Attend Private Tours in Hollywood

Touring Hollywood is one of the best educational and fun activities you can engage in if you are interested in the history of US cinema and various movie stars during its golden age.  Unfortunately, Hollywood constantly changes.  If you really want to visit Hollywood the way it was and explore it in depth, taking a private tour is the best option.   There are many companies that provide private tours of both old and new Hollywood.

  1. Going to Hollywood and actually attending private tours can be expensive.  If you are on a tight budget and would still want some sort of Hollywood experience, do some research and enjoy it privately at home.  You can opt to visit the many websites that can provide you a virtual tour of Hollywood through online photos.  Visiting your local library or bookstore and checking out photo books, videos,   and biographies on the history of Hollywood is another way.  Of course, these options may not be enough for you to experience Hollywood but these are inexpensive ways to do so.
  2. To get the actual experience, going to Hollywood and attending private tours is the best option.  There are a couple of ways to accomplish this.
  • Visit your local or online travel agent and peruse the various holiday tours they offer.  Normally, these travel agencies offer a wide array of travel deals to Hollywood with private adventures already incorporated.  Some agents will even offer budget tours for those with financial limitations.
  • The Internet features hundreds of touring companies.  These tour companies often offer private and custom tours of Hollywood.  In fact, they offer tours with different themes and methods of transportation.  The most popular tour that you can engage in is a bus tour of Hollywood.  Prices for these tours can range from $15 to $50 depending on the scope of the tour.  For a steep $320, you can experience a 4 hour private tour of Hollywood in a vintage Cadillac.  This would all depend on the specific tour company.  Just do a quick search on the Internet and you should get hundred of hits.
  • Another option is to research on the various movie and entertainment studios in Hollywood such as Universal studios and Culver studios.  These studios offer their own VIP tours as well. 
  • Going to Disneyland is another great avenue to explore as they do offer private tours for VIP ticket holders.  They will provide accommodations if needed as well.
  • If the previous options do not appeal to you, you can just go to Hollywood and explore it by yourself.  Purchase a good Hollywood guide from a bookstore and start reading.  Visit the various vintage theaters like the Charlie Chaplin studio or the Pantages Theater.  Take a leisurely walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and dine in the popular Hollywood restaurants back in the day.

Tips and Warnings

  • It is wise to purchase and read 2 or 3 different Hollywood guides before you tour to effectively plan out what you would want to see.
  • Hollywood is home to many movie stars.  Do not disturb them at their homes as most of them would like to preserve their privacy.  If you come across a celebrity home, make sure to admire from a distance.
  • Plan your trip and tour during an off-peak season.  Tours can be stressful and tiring if there are many people shoving each other to see a famous structure or celebrity.

Hollywood is a fantastic and exciting place to visit.  It remains to be one of the top rated travel destinations in the US.  Attending a private tour, whether at the comfort of your own home or actually going is a great way to experience Hollywood as it once was.


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