How To Be Comfortable on a Long Airplane Trip

Long airplane trips can be exhausting. You are confined in a small space, often with strangers. Still you can make the flight more enjoyable by making yourself comfortable. Follow these suggestions to be comfortable on a long airplane trip.

  1. Plan ahead. Allow enough time for connections and to arrive with plenty of time before you have to be at your destination. Allowing this extra time reduces the stress of delays and problems at the airport.
  2. Expect delays. These days, many flights are delayed due to weather or just fuller planes. If you followed step one and planned ahead, you should have plenty of time to get to your final destination, even if there are delays. Expect them and have something to occupy your time while waiting.
  3. Wear loose-fitting clothes in layers. Try to be comfortable when flying but don’t go overboard with the casual. Wear clothes that are loose because you will be sitting for a while. Don’t wear pajamas or revealing clothes that you will have to be pulling on or adjusting all the time. Prepare for varying temperatures between terminals and the plane by dressing in layers.
  4. Pack your own water and snacks. These days flights are high on fees and low on service. You can no longer count on getting a glass of water much less a meal. Coffee, soda and water now have to be purchased on many flights for a steep charge. You often cannot get a bottle of water through security either. Arrive at the airport with enough time to stop into one of the shops to purchase a large bottle of water and snacks. Or bring your own snacks from home. Pack salty and sweet to cover all your cravings.
  5. Bring your headphones and MP3 for music and video distraction. Headphones prevent other passengers from talking to you even if you don’t turn them on. Ensure a little privacy and quiet if you’d like by bringing your own portable entertainment. Music and movies are also great distracters for passing the time.
  6. Take off your shoes. Your feet tend to swell when you fly so plan to take off your shoes and stretch your toes during a long flight. Just be sure your feet are clean and don’t smell. You wouldn’t want to upset your fellow passengers with a stench.
  7. Get up every few hours and walk the length of the plane when possible. Sometimes you just have to get up and move if only for a few minutes.
  8. Practice a relaxation activity. Tense and release muscles starting from your toes and working your way up your body through your legs, rear, torso, arms and neck. Then roll your shoulders and stretch. The small and simple moves will get the blood flowing without disturbing your neighbor.
  9. Relax. Air travel can be stressful with the delays, distractions and often just the grumbling of other passengers. Don’t let others get to you. Decide to accept that the flight will be long and tiring. Take a nap if you can. If not, just breathe deeply and relax. It will be over before you know it.

Air travel has become more tiring and frustrating over the past decade. If a long trip is in your future, consider taking these steps and you will be able to stay comfortable on your flight.


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Thanks for this. Am just getting on one tomorrow and it is no joy at all. What I can add is take a first class flight in Singapore Airlines or Emirates.

By Mary Norton