How To Book a Flight on American Airlines

American Airlines offers an easy online service to help travelers book flights. Follow these steps on how to book a flight on American Airlines.

Step 1

Go online. The first step in booking your American Airlines flight to surf to their website at

Step 2

Enter your flight information. Once you get to the American Airlines home page, you will be given the option of booking flights, cars, hotels and even vacations. Highlight the ‘Book Flights' tab. Then enter your flight details, beginning with your departure airport and your arrival airport. Enter in the month, day and preferred time of your flights, as well as how many passengers will be flying with you on this American Airlines flight. If you have a promotional code, enter it into the box and then click on ‘go'.

(If you are flexible with your travel dates, select ‘My Dates are Flexible' and you'll be shown various American Airlines flights within a few days of your preferred travel. Consider flying on different dates as you may be able to get a cheaper flight.)

Step 3

Choose your flights. At the top of the next page, your flight search will be shown. Below that will be two different grids containing information for both the departing and arriving flights available to you through American Airlines. Review each flight based on travel time, number of connections or layovers, how early you'll need to be at the airport, and if meals are provided. Select a departing flight and your arriving flight and then click on ‘continue'.

Step 4

Review your flight summary. Once you have selected your American Airlines flights, you will be asked to review your choices. Make sure you agree with the selections shown in the itinerary section. Underneath that you will see the total price for your flights on American Airlines in the ‘Fare Summary' section. This price includes taxes and additional fees. If all of this information is fine, then scroll down the screen.

Consider whether you want trip insurance. It's a good idea to have for longer trips, but not always necessary for shorter flights.

In the next box, you'll be asked for fill in passenger details. Include your name and Frequent Flyer number if you have one. Provide contact information in case American Airlines needs to contact you, and then click on ‘continue'.

Step 5

Make your payment. You will then be asked to enter in your credit card information to pay for your American Airlines flight. Fill in the required information and click on ‘continue'. American Airlines will confirm the credit card information you provided and then take you to the next page.

Step 6

Choose the type of ticket you'd like. American Airlines gives you several ticketing options. You can pick up your tickets at the airport, or you can have them mailed to you. Often, you can even print them off yourself. Decide which type of ticket you'd like to have, and then click ‘continue'.

Step 7

Review your flight and print your summary. At this point, you have successfully booked a flight with American Airlines. Review the details of your flight confirm all of your choices. Print a copy of the confirmation page for your records and then start packing for your flight!


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