How To Book a Trip on Austrian Railways

If you have watched Julie Andrews and a group of children singing and running around luscious green meadows and hills in the film called “The Sound of Music", then you have had a glimpse of beautiful Austria.  You can probably catch a flight and go to Austria to see Austria’s lovely scenery, but the best way will still be riding on rails and seeing all of it in real and bright colors.  Booking a ticket on the Austrian Railways is easy, and you can do it even if you are far away. 

  1. Check the website or call.  Rail Europe is the railway service that bridges and goes through all the European countries using one mega-train super highway.  For booking and reservations, you can explore their website, for schedules, prices, and special deals.  You can book and purchase your online or you can call 1-800-622-8600 to speak to their customer service and get a list of authorized ticket agents in your area.
  2. Take a vacation and save some money.  Rail Europe offers a wide variety of vacation packages such as railway tour of Europe with stops at various European countries along its path.  Since you are going to Austria anyway, it might be worthwhile to check out its neighbors as well.  Booking a vacation package will garner you additional discounts that can save you some money in the long run. You can opt for the different Eurail passes tour packages they offer.  The highest tour package they provide will include all 18 European countries in the tour.
  3. Take the train first class.  If your budget is within range, the trip might be more enjoyable if you purchase first class accommodations.  The train is just like a five star international hotel and first class accommodations will give you the best experience.
  4. Easy access to the rails.  Most of the European countries’ airports have easy and convenient transfers to the railway stations.  This means that if you decide to fly into a European country, you can get immediate access to the railways at the respective airport.  Once in Austria, you will be able to find hourly trains from Vienna to all the other cities in Austria.  Visiting these other cities can be another great adventure for you.
  5. Don’t forget to pack the important stuff.  You will only need one Visa to be able to access all the European countries.  Don’t forget to secure and pack this along with your passport.  If you are traveling during winter, load your bags with warm clothes. It is a smart move to bring a German dictionary since it is the local language used in Austria.

Taking the railway will give you a first hand view of how beautiful Austria is.  Once you are able to purchase your tickets, you are off to a fun-filled adventure in the rolling hills of Austria through railway Europe.  Make sure to be polite at all times while in Europe as Austrians can be very particular on good manners.


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