How To Book a Trip on VIA Rail Canada

Got time to see 450 picturesque destinations in Canada through train? It’s one of the best experiences you can ever have and you won’t miss a thing if you choose to travel VIA Rail Canada! You will love every minute of it that your problem will be that you might have to be dragged off the train kicking and screaming because the trip had ended!

Are you ready with your camera? Well, what are you waiting for? Book now!

Here’s how:

  • Use any of the following ways to book your train trip:
    • Through the website’s online booking engine with a downloadable widget if your prefer here
    • Call them at through this toll-free number (Canada and U.S. only) 1-888 VIA RAIL / 1-888-842-7245 / TTY 1-800–268 -9503 if you are hearing-challenged.
    • Train stations all over Canada e.g. Saskatoon, Ottawa, Victoria, Prince George, Halifax, Montreal, and Quebec are just a few of a long list of stations where you can buy a VIA Rail Canada pass.
    • Stand-alone kiosks in Ontario and Quebec (Southern parts only).
    • VIA Rail Canada-accredited travel agents in Canada and the U.S.
  • Buy the ever important travel pass.
    • The Corridor Pass. This involves a 10-day travel through Southern Quebec all the way to Southern Ontario. You can divide the 10-day pass to take in the sights of two of the most popular destinations in Canada. You might even get the chance to see Celine Dion, Quebec’s very own superstar. Just keep in mind that you only have 10 days to use the pass before it expires.
    • The North America Pass. This is a month-long pass (30 days) that will allow you to travel extensively through Canada and the U.S. with option to transfer to Amtrak trains that honor VIA Rail Canada travel passes.
    • The Canrail Pass. For $500.00 (off-peak) and $800.00 (peak), this type of pass will allow you 30-days upon which to use your pass without limit anytime you wish to use the train for 12 non-consecutive days. You can go anywhere in Canada with this pass.
  • Choose your accommodations. Since you are traveling by train, why not choose the classiest accommodation you can afford? Anyway, here are your choices:
    • Comfort Class. This is equivalent to the economy class in flying. You will be allowed to pick your seat upon reservation and payment of your travel pass. Food will not be provided for free but you can buy this from the train’s food trolley.
    • First class. The VIA-1 ticket will get you more space to yourself on the train as well as priority boarding, hot meals and Internet access during the duration of the trip. Tempting, non?
    • Sleeper class. This is for long-haul train trips. Aside from getting your own cabin, hot meals, and other amenities, you will have access to a private washroom. However, it will take you longer to get to your destination because this type of train travels slower than the rest of the fleet. This is so that you are allowed to sleep in comfort while the train chugs along.

Relish the experience and share the adventure by taking your family if you have the budget for it, there are discounts for senior citizens and children that will help bring costs down. It will be something truly amazing and breath taking, an experience meant to be enjoyed in packs!


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