How To Book Air Travel

When you're planning a trip, you do have the option to let the travel agent make all the air travel arrangements. But if you're evenly remotely internet savvy, you can book your own air travel online in a few steps, saving you the cost of a travel agent or telephone booking fee. Follow this guide on how to book air travel online. 

Step 1

Check different websites. When you book air travel to a relatively common destination, there will probably be a few different airlines that can take you there. But each airline will offer a different price, so you will need to shop around first. And don't think that you are restricted to only airline websites. There are many different websites that will do the shopping for you and compare prices for airline travel. With so many options, it's important to compare the competition and decide on the best flight for you. Here are a few sites to consider when booking air travel:

Step 2

Compare different flights. If you're booking a flight, then you should generally choose the lowest-priced flight from any online website. But also pay close attention to the details of the flight. How long are connections (or the wait times between airports?) Will you have enough time to collect your luggage and recheck it, if need be? And how many different connections do you need to make? Switching planes even a few times can really put a damper on your vacation before it even begins. Also consider that you must arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled flight. Does this have you getting up at crazy times of the night? Finally, are there luggage restrictions? Some flights make you pay for each piece of luggage you check, while other airlines allow one piece of luggage under a certain weight restriction. Although you think you may have found the cheapest flight, always consider hidden fees, travel times, wait times and general inconvenience. Sometimes it's worth the extra money to book a more accommodating flight.

Step 3

Complete the booking process. You'd be surprised at how easy it is to book air travel online. Once you've decided on the perfect flight for you, simply fill in the necessary information on that website. You and your companions will be asked for basic information including name, home address and citizenship. You'll then need to confirm the details of your air travel (very important!) and pay for your flight. Before you enter your credit card information, ensure that you are happy with the flight you have selected, as it isn't always possible to change or cancel air travel plans. Always go with insurance if there is any possibility that your travel plans may change. Once you pay for your flight, you will be taken to a confirmation page that includes all important booking numbers and telephone numbers (in case you need to make changes). Print this page! Then wait for a confirmation email from the website you booked on, and print that too. Keep all of your travel documents in a safe place until the day of travel. And be sure to take them with you when you embark on your trip.


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