How To Book Discount Tickets for International Flights

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Who can resist getting the best deals, the best prices and biggest discounts on plane tickets? It is good to know that you can find such great bargains if you take the time to do a bit of research. If you do a lot of international travel, then here are some useful tips to booking discount tickets for your next international flight.

  1. Call your travel agent and inquire. Travel agencies are always up to date on the best airfare deals available. You can request for a free quote. Travel agents also extend additional discount for passengers who avail of their promo packages that may include hotel accommodation and car rental.
  2. Search and book your tickets early. Do not wait for the last minute to search for discounted airfare. The ideal time is about three to four weeks before your intended flight. As airline ticket prices fluctuate, booking early increases your chance to get discounts available during the time of your booking. Check around and compare prices. Experiment with flight times and dates when doing online bookings to see different fare rates.
  3. If possible, avoid flying during weekends, before, and after holidays. Try to avoid mid-day flights when plane fares cost the highest. Early morning and late evening flights are much lower. 
  4. If it is a long international flight, you can get more savings when you opt for a stopover rather than a direct flight.
  5. Consider flying to secondary airports if it will not cost you much to reach your hotel or destination later rather than using major ones. Airlines offer discounts for using secondary airports.
  6. If you are a frequent international flier, try to use the same airline every time you fly to accumulate frequent flier miles. In time, you can exchange that for a free ticket.
  7. For international flights, discounted tickets are often available through consolidators. Consolidators are companies that buy tickets in bulk from major airlines and resell them at a discount.  You can get from 10% to 70% discount on your plane fare depending on the carrier, your flight schedule and destination. There are restrictions though so be sure to read the fine print. You can check consolidator sites by typing “consolidator rates” in your browser.
  8. There are also special online ticket agents competing among themselves to get your business.  Good sites to check are, and They can offer better discounts on international flights, much lower than the published rates from any airline and those available through traditional travel agents.
  9. You can also check the websites of individual airlines. They also offer huge discounts and package deals especially during off-season. A plus factor when you choose to buy tickets through the airline is the flexibility to change tickets later. You can also choose your seat, if allowed.

Your key to finding the best discount for international airfare is to do research, planning your itinerary, being flexible and open to possibilities for a worry-free international flight. Book your flight early to take full advantage of the discounts on offer. There are some risks involved in securing discounted airfare, so be sure to read all the fine print before you make your commitment. Deal only with reputable online ticket agents. Verify that their contact information is correct and their phone numbers are working. Check the companies’ standings in the Better Business Bureau website. When booking through a consolidator verify if it is a member of the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN).


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