How To Book Travel on African Safari Airways

An airline company based in Kenya, African Safari Airways specializes in taking tourists and other travellers to the heart of the famous stretch of tourist spots along the eastern side of the African continent. African Safari Airways or ASA as they are also commonly called operates from the Gatwick airport in London. The airline specializes in taking tourists from Europe to and fro the the hustle and bustle of the continent to the intriguing wonders that await in Africa.

If going through the grasslands and watching interesting creatures out on the prowl is your idea of a great holiday, you may want to consider booking a trip on African Safari Airways.

  1. The best way to book a flight on African Safari Airways is to do it way in advanced. Due to the specialized nature of the service, it would be more advantageous if you could form a party of significant number (say 6-10) people so that you could avail of good rates for charter flights once you are in Africa already.
  2. You may take flights out of London using African Safari Airways to get you to Mombasa. Remember that the terminal is in Gatwick and not in the more popular Heathrow. Book tickets online by going to African Safari Airways’ official website. Unfortunately, due to the limited fleet of African Safari Airways, there is only one flight out of London every week. The company only has five Airbus planes and they service the routes from London to Mombasa (and vice versa) as well as Halifax (Canada) to Mombasa (and vice versa). Book early since these flights could easily fill up rather quickly.
  3. You can also book your trip of choice through African Safari Airways. You may sign up for a few days worth of Safari at the very active plains of the Serengeti to walk as antelopes, wildebeests and other hoofed animals run through the vast expanse of the park to evade the lions and hyenas. The company can get you special discounts and rates so you might as well try getting your trips from there.
  4. There’s also an option that takes you through a week’s long journey along the waters of the historic and legendary Nile River. This body of water is such a great wonder not only because of all the history and biblical references to it but also due to the amazing wildlife that has sprouted along its banks despite being in a largely arid part of Africa.
  5. You may also get your travel agent to book these trips for you. It may cost you extra but at least you’ll have the convenience of not worrying about anything.

A safari is an experience that would most likely be memorable for the rest of your life. Once you’ve decided on which trip to take, just go online and tick the boxes to make sure that your dream vacation happens through African Safari Airways.


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