How To Book Travel on Air Tanzania

Air Tanzania is one of the major airlines of Eastern Africa. While the region may not exactly be a super hub when it comes to transcontinental travel, the area is definitely a hot spot for tourists who would like to see that corner of Africa. Currently though, aviation authorities have grounded the flights of Air Tanzania due to questions and doubts regarding its fleet of aircraft and personnel.

The airline used to ply the routes between East Africa and other countries in central and south Africa. The main office is at the capital of Tanzania - Dar Es Salaam.

The airline is widely expected to be up and running again in the near future, and it should be fairly easy to get tickets when that time comes.

Here's how you can get tickets once they're already available:

  1. Visiting the official Air Tanzania website would allow you to see that the company is currently undergoing a rebranding process. No time line is currently available for the actual date of the return of the airline to service but their contact details are still on the main page for everyone to see.
  2. For inquiries over the phone, call telephone number +255 22 211 8411 or send the head office a fax at +255 22 211 3114. The first three numbers that follows the plus sign is the country code for Tanzania.
  3. You may also email the Dar es Salaam office through [email protected].
  4. Once the company is already back on track to being a fully functional airline, it would also be likely that the flights would be listed on internet ticket booking sites. The most well known of these sites include Travelocity and Orbitz. This would make the reservation process easier since the mediating site could take care of the actual booking and payment through your credit card. It is unclear whether or not Air Tanzania would allow its flights to be listed on these websites but if other airlines' behavior towards online booking and sales are any indication, the airline should be more than willing to offer up its seats to online users.

While the current status of Air Tanzania is considerably grim due to the suspension and the cancellation of its license to operate as an international and domestic carrier, the outlook for the company remains to be very upbeat. Many analysts are looking forward to an Air Tanzania that has a lot of more flights going out of Tanzania. There have been rumors that the airline would be having flights that go to the Indian Ocean's island nations of Comoros, Mauritius and Seychelles. So while the current situation may not be so good right now, with the ongoing restructuring, rebranding and refurbishing of Air Tanzania's fleet, it may be very possible that the airline would soon be flying the skies of Eastern Africa and beyond. Before you know it, the "wings of Kilimanjaro" could be flying again bringing countless tourists to the shores and peaks of Tanzania once again.


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