How To Book Travel on Atlantis European Airways

Atlantis European Airways (AEA) is an air carrier established in Armenia. The company is proud for its quality connections to 150 destinations worldwide, including business class, economy class, bonus system, conference travel, jet shop, hotel booking, and health insurance policies, among others. The key destinations of AEA are Vienna and Prague. The main objective of AEA is to integrate the company with the largest alliances of overseas airlines worldwide and they’ve actually been successful with it for years.

Just like any other airline, you need to book your travel in Atlantis European Airways a few days earlier before flight. By following the steps mentioned below, you can successfully book travel on Atlantis European Airways.

  1. Log on to, the official website of Atlantis European Airways. Online reservation is one way of booking travel on Atlantis European Airways. There are six stages to go through before your flight is booked. First, check if return flights are available. Choose whether you want to buy a round-trip or a one-way ticket. Then, look for the destination where you wish to fly. It is also required to fill in whether you are traveling alone or accompanied by children or an infant. The next stage is to select among the basic price quotes. Review the coordinates of your reservation in the next stage. Then, fill out the pre-reservation form, which include personal particulars and contact information. After filling up the form, take time to read the privacy policy of AEA. Lastly, is to confirm the reservation made.
  2. You may also contact the office line in booking your travel in AEA by dialing the following numbers: Tel: (+374 10) 56 66 96 and Fax :(+ 374 10) 56 17 76. Ask your queries regarding the flight you want to book. You can also ask and confirm promo deals that are posted in their website.
  3. Go through the carriage conditions before confirming your reservation. Check on the terms and conditions of baggage limitations, payment procedures, and check-in measures. You can visit their website and read these conditions in advance. Also, familiarize the routes and procedures observed in AEA.
  4. Atlantis European Airways coexists with Atlantis Insurance Company. You can insure yourself with the travel insurance offered by the company. Internationally accepted travel insurance policies are usually issued for travelers during the whole duration of their stay overseas.
  5. For other special arrangements, you might want to visit the websites of AEA partners. Best Western Bohemian Resort, Blue Sevan Resort Centre and Gasur are a few of the official partners of AEA.

Once you have completed booking your travel on Atlantis European Airways, don’t forget to follow the rules and procedures observed before, during, and after your flight. While on board, maximize the services offered. For music lovers, you can listen to music channels while taking a rest. If you are interested in movies, you can watch feature movies. Because of these wide ranges of services offered, you’ll be sure to enjoy your experience with Atlantis European Airlines.


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