How To Book Travel on Greece Airways

Greece Airways, also known as Air Scotland, is not basically a Greek airline. Air Scotland is owned by Greece Airways and the names are often used interchangeably. The airline flies to different destination in UK. Glasgow International Airport is the airline's base.

Just like any other airline, you need to book your travel on Greece Airways a few days earlier before flight. Follow these simple steps for hassle free booking:

  1. Before you book your flight, check whether there are any return flights or not. You can fly to different destinations with Greece Airways such as New Castle, Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield. Sometimes, return tickets are not available. Therefore, if you plan to avail a return flight, check their schedule well in time.
  2. Since Greece Airways own a single aircraft, booking your flight can be a tedious task at times. You may not get a seat when you want it. Therefore, keep a few travel dates in mind and make an early booking.
  3. Traveling with Greece Airways requires patience. The airline is known to experience delays up to 15 hours or more. You can bring along books, magazines, movies and other entertainment related stuff to keep safe from boredom. The airline has plain looking aircraft with no logo or decal on it.
  4. For all the health conscious people, it is advisable to bring a hand antiseptic. There have been a few complaints from passengers that the airline does not meet the cleanliness standards. Some people are also of the view that the seats are uncomfortable and cannot recline. Therefore, be prepared for an average flight.
  5. You can also travel with the seasonal flights. There are different destinations for summer and winter months. During summer, the airline flies to Athens, Gerona, Palma, Malaga, Barcelona, Athens and Alicante. The winter destinations are Gerona, Lanzarote, Gran, Athens and Canaria. So if you are planning for a vacation but cannot find a low cost airline, Greece Airways travel would be a good option.
  6. Before finalizing your trip, look for the different traveling deals. Usually the airline is leased to various aircraft operators during the winter season. The management of Greece Airways works together with Sky Bargains. They book fights with other operators and have quite low fares.  Therefore, if you wish to save your money while flying, Greece Airways is actually what you are looking for.


  1. Greece Airways is known for its affordable fares. If you have a tight budget and looking forward to travel with a cheap airline, you can opt for Greece Airways.
  2. The airline is based in Glasgow and does not schedule its flights.
  3. Air Scotland is currently owned by Greece Airlines. It has changed ownership quite a few times. The airline has been experiencing administrative problems and is known for its delayed flights and low cleanliness standards. The flights are considered uncomfortable. Both Greece Airlines and Air Scotland do not fall in the category of good airlines.


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