How To Book Travel on Royal Nepal Airlines

Unfortunately, you cannot book your travel on Royal Nepal Airlines anymore. But the good news is, you can book your travel on Nepal Airlines. This is the new name of the former Royal Nepal Airlines. Only the name changed but never the competency of this airline when it comes to traveling Asia, especially Southeast Asia.

Online Booking

Unlike most airlines today, Nepal Airlines do not have its online booking services. Third-party ticketing services offer online booking, though. CheapAirTicketsIndia is among the third-party service providers who can book your Nepal Airlines ticket online.

Booking with the Nepal Airlines Head Office

The airline's head office is located at Kathmandu, Nepal. Call them at telephone numbers 4220757, 4248614, 4244055, 4248617, and 16600110787. They also have a fax number (+977-01-4225348) and email address ([email protected]).

Booking with International and Domestic Offices

Visit the International Offices Contact Information to know how to contact the nearest Nepal Airlines office to your location. This airline has offices located in the following cities along with their telephone numbers and email addresses:

Japan and China have no telephone number or email address stated on the official Nepal Airlines website. The only way to contact these offices is by going to their address. Please visit the link for international offices for their address.

For domestic flights, visit the Domestic Offices Contact Information.

There sure are many ways to book travel on Royal Nepal Airlines. Any of these ways are okay as long as you reserve your tickets with an authorized agent.

More Information

Just like other airlines, Nepal Airlines also offer economy, first, and business classes. Get an idea of how much you'll have to pay for the tickets by visiting their Flights Fares Web section.

Every passenger is given meal choices like vegetarian dishes. But the first and business class passengers can enjoy more luxurious amenities like wider seating, champagne, wine, using crystal glasses, chinaware, and three meals. These passengers are allowed to carry more baggage weight compared to the economy class.

For now, Nepal Airlines is not offering any program for their frequent travelers. Better check with the authorized agent if you can enjoy discounts like student discounts. Usually, traveling in a group can be negotiated for a discount.

Also, remember that the Nepal Government owns Nepal Airlines. They do Hindu-related rituals for their flights. For example, in 2007, they slaughtered two goats to give as sacrifice for their Hindu god, Akash Bhairab. Please be aware of the different culture that these people have. Many of their usual practices may seem very unusual for the Westerners.

It's also best that you read customer feedback about the Nepal Airlines services. Third-party forum sites can be of equal help. This way, you know what to expect from the airlines and help you be prepared for your travel.


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