How To Book Travel on Sudan Airways

Congratulations! You have chosen Sudan Airways for your travel needs and we humbly welcome you. We have prepared the following guide to help you book your travel on Sudan Airways.

The first things you will need to decide when preparing to book your travel arrangements are:

  1. Where do you NEED to go? (What is your destination?)
  2. When do you NEED to be there? (Arrival Date)
  3. How long before you return? (Return Date)
  4. What credit card are you going to use to pay for your Sudan Airways ticket?

Once you have the basics of your trip prepared, your next step in How to Book Travel on Sudan Airways is to go to their website at and view their schedule of flights in the Travel Planning section. The Timetable Section displays all daily departures from Khartoum to destinations in the Gulf and Saudi Arabia region, the Middle East, Europe and all Domestic flights going to airports in Sudan. The Travel Planning section also displays daily flight scheduled to land at Khartoum International Airport from all the same locations.

After reviewing Sudan Airways Travel Planning section on their website, select the scheduled flight that will arrive at your planned destination in time to meet your needs. Once you have found a flight to your destination check the To Khartoum section to determine which flight will bring you back home when you want. Make a note of the flight numbers, the departure and arrival times and the type of aircraft so that you can prepare for booking your travel on Sudan Airways.

There are additional details you must have in order to complete your booking of travel on Sudan Airways. These details include the full names of each person who will be traveling with you. You must provide names, valid proof of identification and the ages of any minor children that may be traveling with you.

When you have all the important details prepared, your next step is to call Sudan Airways Customer Service in order to book travel on Sudan Airways. The customer service section can be reached through the Sudan Airways Operations Directorate at:

Phone: +249 183 243 756
Fax: +249 183 243 721

Keep in mind that Sudan Airways takes pride in their customer service and baggage handling capabilities. When you are preparing for your trip, ensure your baggage is clearly identified with your name and contact information to ensure its safe and proper handling.

Once you have completed your travel booking on Sudan Airways, be sure to keep your confirmation numbers available when you arrive at the airport. The check in period is several hours (3 hours) before your scheduled flight and you must be checked in early enough to avoid missing your flight.


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