How To Book Vacation Rentals

If you're in the mood for a low-key vacation this year, you should consider staying in a vacation rental. Villas, condos, cottages and beach houses all offer the amenities of home while you're away from home. You can easily book a vacation rental by following these tips.

Step 1

Recognize that some seasons are more expensive than others. If you're planning on vacationing during the peak season, you'll pay more for a vacation rental. Sometimes that can't be avoided.  But when you're looking into the price of vacation rentals that you're interested in, understand that they will be priced differently based on the time of year. If you can travel during the slow season, you'll be able to save a bit of money on your vacation rental.

Step 2

Visit the properties if you can. It's never too early to start thinking about your next vacation. If you're able to, visit the vacation rental properties that you're interested in renting. If that isn't feasible, then browse pictures and reviews of that vacation rental. Get a feeling for the rental. Does it have all of the things you'll need for the week? (Bedding? Towels? Dishes? Pool toys? Television?) And is it located in an ideal area? Look into interesting vacation rentals ahead of time so that you have a better idea of what you want to rent.

Step 3

Talk to a realtor or rental agent. You can also book vacation rentals through a realtor or a rental agent. Call early to discuss available properties and to get an idea of the price you can expect to pay for a rental in a certain area. Depending on how long you were planning to vacation, you might also want to ask about discounts for extended stays. Some owners offer incentives to vacationers who stay longer than a week. It's worth looking into if you can save a few dollars on the next vacation rental that you book.

Step 4

Read through the paperwork. Booking a vacation rental is the same as any other rental: you'll be required to sign a lease. Read through the fine print to make sure there won't be any surprises during or after your stay. Find out about specific features of the vacation rental such as boat usage, docking fees, cleaning fees and liability. Know exactly what your responsibilities are before you sign a vacation rental lease.

Step 5

Book ahead of time. Once you know when and where you want to take your vacation, start looking into vacation rentals. Cottages and beach houses fill up close to a year ahead of time. Check the newspaper and the internet for available vacation rentals. And then call to book the rental. You will be required to give a small deposit up front to secure the rental. Sign the lease agreement and you'll have successfully booking your vacation rental.


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