How To Buy a Garment Bag

A garment bag is constant traveling companion for vacationers and the traveling businessman. This is after all where you will pack your clothes and other essentials, and hopefully keep the clothes wrinkle-free and you, hassle-free. Here are some practical and hassle-free tips on how to buy a garment bag and give you value for the buck:

  1. Consider your personal needs in choosing a garment bag. If you will be traveling with only a few clothes and wrinkling them is not an issue, a basic garment bag will do. But if you will be carrying more clothes and wrinkling is a no-no, a tri-fold or bi-fold garment are good options.
  2. Check to see if the bag has basic and additional features. A garment bag should have inside pockets and compartments for toiletries and other like items—choose a garment bag with a decent number of accessible and roomy pockets and compartments. If you plan to take the garment bag during flights, pick one that complies with airline standards for carry-on luggage if you don’t want to check the bag in. The garment bag should have secure locks, zippers and handles.  The handle should be sturdy and some bags come with attachable shoulder straps. The last thing you want is to have your clothes and personal items bursting out of the bag because you picked a substandard garment bag.
  3. As far as additional features go, foldable garment bags are also in the market. They can expand or be folded into a manageable size. There are garment bags that prevent clothes from wrinkling, if this is a concern.  You can also choose a garment bag with a bi-fold or tri-fold design so that it can be folded into a manageable size for carrying. Garment bags can also come in wheels, in a vertical shape or can also be made of breathable materials.
  4. Check the garment bag’s warranty. Higher-end and designer garment bags often have a lifetime warranties. The terms of the warranties vary for each manufacturer so read the fine print.
  5. Choose what material your garment bag should be made of. Garment bags are usually made of leather, nylon and vinyl and there are pros and cons for each choice. Leather is the most expensive but has the best quality and is most durable. Leather is followed by vinyl and nylon in terms of those qualities, in lesser degrees. Nylon is the cheapest and lightest among these three basic materials and recommended if you will only be bringing a few clothes for your trip.
  6. Color may also be a consideration in picking a garment bag. You can stick to basic black ones (black never goes out of style, it goes with everything, and camouflages dirt!), blues, browns, and ash or garment bags in bright shades. Do a comparison of prices and features before swiping that credit card.

Learning how to buy a garment bag sure does not require rocket science.  Following the above practical tips will help you pick a nice sturdy garment bag for you stuff when you are on the go.


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