How To Buy a Toiletry Bag as a Gift

For friends who love to travel, one of the simplest and best gift ideas is a toiletry bag that can be carried around while traveling. Toiletry bags are also one of the best gift choices for people who want functional gifts that can be used as more than trinkets to decorate the home with. Here’s how you can choose the best toiletry bag as a gift.

  1. Size. The size of the toiletry gift bag should be compact but enough to hold all of the necessary toiletries that the gift recipient will need. It is best to ask around first before purchasing the gift bag, since some people are very particular when it comes to their toiletry and will not use other products. Also, some people prefer to bring entire bottles in their toiletry kits. By asking around first, you will be able to determine whether the size should be small or large enough for entire bottles of shampoo, moisturizer, and other bath products.
  2. Bag design. The design should also fit the personality of the recipient. There are light colored bag designs, and there are also sleek designs that go well with urban dwellers who live in the heart of modernity. If you are giving the toiletry bag for younger recipients, there are also bags that have teen themes and designs to choose from.
  3. Compartments. Make sure that the toiletry bag has a number of compartments that are separated from each other. These compartments will help the user to store and organize the contents of the bag easily. The compartments should not only be enough for all the different items that the user will place in the bag, but should also come in a variety of sizes.
  4. Weight. Even for toiletry bags that are on the larger end of the spectrum, it is a must for you to ensure that the bags are lightweight and compact while remaining sturdy, especially since these are used mainly for traveling. The materials and fabrics that are used for the bag will greatly determine the weight of the toiletry bag.
  5. Lining. Next, consider the lining in the toiletry bag. All toiletry bags should have interior lining to prevent spills from the bottles of toiletries from spilling. The lining should be absorbent but lightweight. The best linings also have a layer of waterproofed sheets that will keep moisture out of the toiletry bag. Or, in case of spills, will keep the rest of the travelling suit case clean and dry.
  6. Contents. You can also choose to add a few bottles of toiletries in the bag, so that the recipient can use the gift immediately. Or, you can purchase toiletry sets that come with small bottles where a few days’ worth of shampoo, conditioner, cream, lotion, etc can be placed. If you purchase these types of toiletry kits, however, be sure that it also has small funnels and pumps for transferring the toiletries into the small bottles.

With a well chosen toiletry bag, you can be sure that your gift’s recipient will be satisfied and happy. Not only is the toiletry bag a very functional choice, but it is also very highly customizable – the perfect gift for family and friends.


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