How To Buy a Vintage Travel Trailer

Vintage travel trailers recall an age when people crossed the land in style. If you want to live in an early 20th century trailer, there are several options that will make your dream come true.

Here are ways to buy a vintage travel trailer:

  • Decide on a budget. Trailers are high ticket items, and vintage types will cost even more. Deciding on a budget can spell the difference between a basic or used model and a high-end, brand-new trailer with all the features and amenities. And while you can trailers that are dirt-cheap, be prepared to use the rest of your budget to bring it back to operating condition. Expect to spend up to $20,000 for a trailer and the ensuing repair work.
  • Search online. There are specialty websites that are dedicated to vintage trailers, and may offer restoration services, as well. You can also use the keywords “vintage travel trailers” when searching popular online auction sites like Ebay and classified ads. Finally, you can use message boards and social networks and ask fellow enthusiasts to help you find your own vintage trailer.
  • Join a vintage travel trailer community. These Web-present aficionados can help you track down necessary components, sell you a trailer, supply you with research material and guide you in repairs and maintenance.
  • Inspect all the sections. Once you locate a few trailers in your vicinity, visit them and give each a physical inspection. Check for wear, damage, defects and deterioration. Check if you will be comfortable enough to function inside cramped conditions with limited features over an extended period of time. If possible, use the car you are going to hitch them with and pull them over several miles in different road conditions. If you are going to live in it with several people such as your family, bring them along and see if they can function with the space and features provided. Finally, make sure you have the proper area to store it.
  • Negotiate on a price. Use your previous research on trailer models, their condition and their corresponding price and counter the initial price with your own offer. Take into consideration the condition of the vehicle and the cost of the ensuing repair work. You can also discuss the type of payment and other clauses in the sales contract.
  • Look for a vehicle restoration service. If you find an authentic vintage trailer, chances are it will need some repair and restoration work. Use the Web again to look for a restoration expert. If you want to do it yourself, you will need time to hunt down parts and components from that era, including tires, sidings and fixtures.
  • Consider building your own trailer. Teardrop trailers, a common type of vintage trailer, can be thought of as vintage since they are based on the original designs. What’s more, you can build your own teardrop model with enough time and effort. Look for plans, construction tips and material sourcing online

While vintage travel trailers are a delight for enthusiasts and a genuine piece of Americana, they can be a bother to restore and maintain. But for some, the passion involved in recreating a beloved memento of the car-driving past is part of the reason for buying it.


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