How To Buy Airline Tickets

Airline ticket and cash
If you're planning a flight, you've got a few options when it comes to buying your airlines tickets. These tips highlight the different ways you can purchase airline travel.

Step 1

Go through a travel agent. No matter where you are flying to, a travel agent can help you to buy airline tickets to get you there. Call or visit a travel agent near you and inquire about flights to your preferred destination. Select a flight that meets your needs in terms of departure and arrival dates, number of connections and baggage allowance. Also consider if meals are provided and decide whether you'd like to fly economy or business class. Tell your travel agent which airline ticket you prefer and ask her to book it for you. All you'll need to do is provide her with the payment and the travel agent with do the rest of the work for you.

Step 2

Book using a travel website. Another user-friendly way to book airlines tickets is to visit online travel websites. Sites like and are travel websites that have flight booking capabilities. Fill in the details of the flight you need to take, including your departure and arrival airport and the length of your stay. You'll be shown a few options for airline flights that meet your requirements. Choose a flight that meets your budget and your travel criteria (few layovers, least travel time, and so on). Follow the directions on the travel website by filling out the information requested of you and in a few minutes, you'll have successfully booked your airline ticket online. Once you provide payment information, your flight is confirmed. Make sure you print a copy of your flight purchase for your records so that you won't have any problems when you get to the airport. (If you're unsure about using online travel sites to book airline travel, you can call the airline provider afterwards and confirm your flight if that will ease your mind.)

Step 3

Purchase directly from the airline carrier online. You can also purchase airline tickets directly from the airlines themselves. Visit the airlines websites (American Airlines is and Southwest Airlines is Proceed to the flight booking section and complete the forms as they are required of you. You'll have the option of several flights to choose from and you can even earn rewards for booking a flight directly from the carrier's website. (This may earn your free airline travel in the future.)

Step 4

Call the airline's booking department. Another easy way to book airline travel is to call the airline directly. Contact customer service at your preferred airline and request to book a flight. Like the online websites, you'll be asked about your preferred travel dates and airports, and then you'll be given a price. This price may be a bit higher though, since telephone bookings always come with an extra booking fee.

The next time you need to book a flight, consider all the options you have. Travel agents, customer service representatives and websites can all help you to book airline tickets.


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