How To Buy Disney Souvenirs

It is almost every child’s dream to visit Disneyland. Even grown ups are thrilled to go to Mickey Mouse’s world, and take home souvenirs to remind them of their trip and reminisce their day in Disneyworld. It is best to bring extra cash to buy souvenirs when you are going to visit Disneyland. There is no better place to buy Disney souvenirs than inside the theme park itself.

But if you have come and gone and you have not bought souvenirs, you can still buy these from specialty stores in the mall. Toy stores and stores featuring collector's items have Disney souvenirs, some of which are classics and hard to find. Disney T-shirts and accessories are readily available in department stores all year round. The kids and teen sections usually have Disney characters in T-shirts, blouses, socks, hankies, hats and shoes. If you are an adult but you have a small clothing size, then you can shop from the teen section. Kids will enjoy using bags, lunch boxes and water bottles with Disney characters printed on it.

You can also search Disney souvenir items over the Internet. EBay and other auction sites most probably have someone online who are selling their own Disney collection. Depending on whether the Disney souvenir is a collector’s item, it may be cheaper or more expensive compared to its price at the Disney theme park. Most classic, hard to find items will sell at a higher price. Small items such as key chains are the least expensive.

If there is a new Disney movie, you can bet that fast food stores will be featuring Disney items for their kiddie food packs. You can take advantage of these promos and get Disney souvenirs that are available only for a short period. Disney may also release toys that feature the cartoon characters in the movie.

You may also search the net for individuals who collect Disney souvenirs but do not trade through the usual selling sites. Keep in touch with them and ask whether they are selling Disney souvenirs. Some collectors who have more than one item are willing to sell it off. You may have a neighbor who is doing a garage sale. Rummage through their items and you might find some Disney souvenirs from their stuff.

Disney souvenirs can range from key chains, T-shirts, and toys to electronic gadget accessories and coffee mugs. If you have an artistic side, you may be able to create your own Disney souvenir by printing your own shirt or painting a coffee mug. However, you may not be able to sell these items in bulk since there may be restrictions in the use of Disney characters for business. But if you are just going to use it as a gift or for your own use, then you can create your won Disney souvenirs.

If you are not able to go to Disney theme parks, but your friends or relatives are on their way this coming vacation, then you can ask them to purchase souvenir items for you instead. 


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