How To Buy New York City Souvenirs

Traveling is not complete without buying souvenirs. New York City is a historical and fabulous place to visit, and there are many souvenirs that you can buy to make your travel more memorable. Below are tips on how to buy New York City souvenirs.

  • Plan your travel in New York. Make an itinerary so you can determine the time and place of your travel. You can optimize your stay by highlighting the places in New York City that catch your interest if it is impossible to visit all the places in your short stay. Include the possible souvenirs that you can buy in each place. Write the possible souvenirs in a list so it is handy and it is easy to see if you are missing something. Write your budget plan down, too, so you can determine your expenses and your remaining money to spend. Make a list of your friends and family members so you will not miss someone in your gift list. Write down the things that they like to help you remember. Having someone travel with you will help you maximize your time if it is your first visit to The Big Apple. If you have friends in New York City, contact them beforehand and ask them if they'd like to come along.
  • Capture the spirit of New York City. Try your best to visit the main tourist spots in New York City because those are the places where you can buy the greatest or the most important souvenirs from the City. Some of the main tourist spots in New York City are the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, Central Park, United Nations, Metropolitan Museum, FAO Schwarz, Ground Zero, Ellis Island, South Street Seaport, Intrepid Museum, Rose Center for Earth and Space, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and the Statue of Liberty, among others.
  • New York City Souvenirs. Some of the great items to buy in The Big Apple are t-shirts: NY, NYC Subway Line, NYC taxi companies all have great shirts; Brooklyn Bridge Shower Curtain, charm bracelets with gold finishes, NY public library lions bookends, NYC subway map shower curtain, New York City night lights, Chrysler building ornaments (glass), NYC taxi ornaments (glass), Empire State Building ornament (glass), NYC subway map necktie, NYC subway metrocard puzzle, NYC magnets, Statue of Liberty Bobblehead, New York Jets or Knicks Mugs, among others. Do not buy immediately if you think that the souvenir items can be found anywhere in the city, because there are boutiques or street vendors who sell their items at a high price. You can set a day and time that you will allocate for shopping, but buy things that you will see along the way if you think that they are rare or unique.
  • Bring a camera. Taking pictures and videos is one of the greatest souvenirs that you can have because the memories are tangible, and you can capture the essence of the time when you visit The Big Apple. Take pictures of people, places, and events. Your friends and family back home will love to see those pictures and video clippings of your visit.

Buying souvenirs for the people that you love will make your travel complete. It is like being with them while you are away, and it is certain that they will appreciate your gesture.


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