How To Buy the Best Travel Guides

If you're planning a vacation getaway to a place you know little about, a travel guide may be just what you need to inform you about this new and exciting place. But before you invest in any old travel guide, read through these suggestions on what to look for in travel guides so that you can be sure you buy the best travel guides.

Step 1

Look for a guide that contains special offers. You can save yourself some money by purchasing a travel guide that contains coupons, discounts and other special offers. You can likely save yourself the cost of your travel guide within the first day by booking your hotel room stay using a discount from your travel guide. As well, look for promotions for restaurants, tours and other attractions. Some places will even match competitor coupons (like car rental places). So even if you don't have a special offer for a specific location, be sure to ask if they'll match your discount. These special offers are worth their weight in gold so be sure to look for a travel guide that contains these money-saving coupons.

Step 2

Choose a guide that contains pictures. The best travel guides are ones that can really give you a sense of your destination before you even arrive. Buy travel guides that contain color pictures of major tourist attractions. These travel guides may be a little bit more expensive, but you will save time by not venturing to places that end up not at all as they are described. Know where you're going by getting a glimpse of it first.

Step 3

Go with a reputable company. Just about anyone can write a travel guide. But the information within these travel guides can vary greatly. Buy a travel guide from a well-known publisher to be sure that you are getting the most reliable, up-to-date information from professionals. Scan the shelf of travel guides at your local bookstore and you'll quickly be able to spot the popular brand of travel guide. Purchase these books with confidence.

Step 4

Buy a travel guide that will save you time. The whole idea of a travel guide is to allow you to plan your own tour of a tourist destination. The best travel guides, therefore, are ones that provide you every bit of information you will need about a destination. Look for travel guides that have full addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation for each place highlighted. As well, choose travel guides that give a suggested amount of time spent at each attraction, as well as suggested ages of those who will enjoy the attraction.  All of this information will help you to plan your vacation so that no time is wasted during your holiday.


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