How To Buy the Right Luggage

Traveling can be very stressful especially if you have to disembark and board four different planes. This is especially a daunting task to a first time traveler. Having the right luggage can reduce a lot of the hassle that goes with traveling.

  • Match the luggage to the kind of trip. Your destination will ultimately dictate the things you will bring. Having the correct size of luggage is essential to fit in all the essentials for the trip.
  • Check for sturdiness and durability. Long trips can put a toll on you and your luggage so choose one that is durable enough to withstand the demands of traveling. A luggage with a hard but flexible casing is a good choice.
  • Consider the weight. Light weight is another feature that you should seriously look for in a luggage. You don't want to pay the extra fees just because your luggage took up all the weight allowance.
  • Pick one that has wheels. This will be handy as carts are not allowed beyond customs. You do not want to end up dragging your luggage around because you ran out of coins to rent out carts. Choose a luggage with big sturdy wheels that are easy to maneuver.
  • Expensive brands should be avoided. Airports are full of thieves and are just on the lookout for easy prey. You do not want to invite them by displaying expensive luggage. The common interpretation is that if you can afford to shelve out a chunk for your bag, chances are you have a lot of valuables inside too.
  • Obtain a webbing belt. This is a very useful add on to your luggage. Buy one with a bright color for easy recognition. Additionally, choose a webbing belt that has a strong buckle. Most thieves will scour luggage that can be easily opened. Having a webbing belt strapped onto a luggage will likely discourage them to victimize your bag. The webbing belt's bright color also makes your luggage look more unique and as such will help you spot it quickly on the conveyor belt.
  • Choose one that comes with a suit bag. Luggage makers recognize the need for suit bags that's why they include them in the package. If you bought a luggage without it then it might need to purchase one separately.

Lost luggage is not a rare phenomenon in airports. While having a name tag on your luggage does not guarantee that it won't be misplaced by airport personnel, having one will help quickly facilitate the search for your precious bag.



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