Calculating Driving Mileage: Find the Distance Between Places

Tips for Using a Mileage Calculator

Calculating mileage
If you're trying to figure out how far apart two places are, a map and a ruler will just take too long. Take advantage of online resources to figure out how far away your next trip will take you. Here are a few different ways to calculate mileage from destination to destination.

Step 1

Use MapQuest. Regarded as one of the most informative websites when it comes to directions, has an easy tool that will help you calculate mileage from one destination to another. Click on 'Get Directions', and then type in your starting address, including your zip code. Then type in the address of where you're going in the 'To Where' section and click on 'Get Directions'. In a few seconds, the directions from one destination to another will pop up. But what you'll be interested in lies at the very top of that information. MapQuest will provide you with an estimated time to travel from the starting destination to the final destination, as well as the total length of the trip following the directions they gave you. The length of your trip will be the mileage from one destination to another.

Step 2

Use MapMyRun. Another great site for figuring out how far you've gone is Used mainly by runners, MapMyRun lets you physically draw your route on a map and then it will calculate the total mileage along the route that you drew. The benefit of using this site is that you aren't restricted to road travel. This website can calculate mileage from anywhere to anywhere, literally.

Step 3

Use a mileage calculator. Google never ceases to disappoint with its wide array of online resources. If you use Google maps to lay out your trip, you can then upload that information into an online mileage calculator to find the distance between places at You'll need to enter your starting address too. Click on 'Continue', and view the different events (or trips) you've taken. Hit 'Get Mileage' and you'll instantly be shown the calculated mileage from one destination to another.

Step 4

Use Rand McNally's site. Rand McNally is well-known for providing us with maps that save us from getting lost. They also have a great online tool that provides travelers with maps, directions and a mileage calculator. Surf to and fill in your starting destination as well as your final destination. Click on 'Get Mileage', and your mileage from destination to destination will be calculated.

The Internet has many more resources to help you calculate mileage between destinations. As long as you know the zip code or the address of where you are and where you're headed, you can quickly calculate the mileage from one destination to another. Calculating driving mileage can also help you save time and money on your next trip! Bon voyage!


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