How To Camp Out in the Airport

When the inevitable happens and your flight has been delayed, getting stuck in the airport is definitely going to be a hassle. However, as you have no choice but to wait until you finally get the right flight, you have to make the best out of the hours you have to spend camping at the airport or staying within the vicinity.  Below are just some ideas you can do so that the hours waiting won't feel like such a waste:

  1. Rather than going back to your hotel and check-in again, it is best to stay within the area near the airport, especially if you are not sure how long the delay will be. There are usually decent inns and three star hotels nearby. Large airports have a concierge staff that can help you find a good accommodation on a short notice. Locate this concierge and get the assistance you need.
  2. If staying in a hotel isn't feasible for you, then camping out in the airport's waiting area is your best bet. Usually, the airport staff come well prepared for this situation and will be providing stranded passengers cots, pillows, blankets and additional food and water. They may even provide extra diapers for passengers traveling with babies. If you have to be conscious about sleeping in the waiting area, do not worry about it. Several other passengers are stranded just like you and they have to deal with the same situation.
  3. Traveling with children will make the situation a lot more complicated. The best thing to keep in mind is to remain calm and in control so that your kids won't pick up on the stress you are feeling and feel restless themselves. Pass the time by playing with your children. This is where most travel games, such as iSpy, come in handy so get creative. Aside from travel games you know, you can also play cards together or exchange stories.
  4. Take a mini-field trip down the airport to pass the time. Where it is allowed, you and your children can stroll around or watch planes fly out, if there are still some active flights on schedule.
  5. Look for an airport directory. There should be some diners and bars you can go to while waiting for your flight schedule. What most people do at this time is to stay at these places, have a hearty meal or a drink of coffee and get comfortable there.
  6. If the airport has an Internet access and you have your laptop with you, then your situation should get easier. You can surf the Internet while waiting, check your emails, chat with your friends or view videos on YouTube, until your flight resumes and goes back to normal.
  7. Locate the airport shops and do a little window-shopping. Find little things you can buy for your kids while there, such as a coloring books and a crayon set, so they can be busy with this while waiting for the flight out.

The most important thing to remember is to keep you and your safety a priority. Do not wander about away from the crowd and always have your money and identification card with you. 


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