How To Carry Valuables While Traveling

Undeniably when you are traveling, you will always be bringing some valuables along with you like personal jewelry or some other expensive things. One of your concerns during your travels would be the security of your valuables. Valuables are defined as things that have a high monetary value whether they are gadgets, cash or jewelry. Traveling with valuables can make you a little edgy and wary because you’d be worried all the time about their safety if you are not at peace with how you have stored or hidden them.

Unless you’ve established a really good way of storing your valuables, you won’t really have much of a good time during your trip because you’d be constantly worried about them. So how do you proceed with carrying your valuables while you are traveling to avoid stress and worry? Read on below for some great tips to help you in how you can do it.

  1. Don’t store your valuables in places that can be easy targets for a thief like your handbag, pockets located outside your bags or any other places that you think might be easy targets for anybody.
  2. Instead of bringing loads of cash, take just 1 or 2 major credit cards and traveler’s checks. They’d be less worrisome for you to carry and cannot easily be used. If you bring cash, there is more likelihood of it being stolen and there would be nothing you can do that would stop it from being used. Do the smart thing. Don’t bring too much cash with you when you travel.
  3. When you withdraw from an ATM machine, make sure that you do so in small increments only because ATM machines are in public places and lots of people can see how much money you are getting. If one of them is a thief and he sees you withdrawing large sums of money, you might be his next target.
  4. As much as possible when you’re staying in hotels, utilize their safety deposit boxes to store your cash, jewelry, credit cards and even your passport. If you do need to bring them, then store or hide them in safe places like a belt bag at your waist, inside a small pouch around your neck, in your inside pockets of a jacket or even under the shirt you are wearing.
  5. Make photocopies of the valuables that you are bringing like your passport, your driver’s license, tickets for your air travel, traveler’s checks showing the serial numbers clearly and anything else of importance. Leave 1 copy in your home and the other inside another safe place different from where you are keeping your valuables. In case they get lost or stolen then you can easily report them right away so they can’t used by another.

These tips are just some of the many things that you can do to carry your valuables safely while traveling. You might even ask a friend you know who travels extensively about what safety measures  he observes when carrying his valuables while traveling. You might just learn a thing or two, which are going to be useful for you.


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