How To Change your Home Address on a Passport

If you regularly travel internationally, you might want to make sure your passport is updated regularly, so that the US State Department can have your updated details on hand. This is necessary so that the authorities can give you assistance in the event of an emergency, and that they can get in touch with your family easily. This is also essential in making it easier to pass through customs inspections and interviews. Your passport is essentially your international ID, so it should reflect up-to-date information.

If you need to change your home address on your passport, you will need to submit a bit of paperwork, but it’s nothing too difficult.

  • Be sure to have your new, complete, address on hand when you fill up your passport application form. You should also have updated contact details, which should include email and telephone numbers. Aside from the details, you will also need to provide proof of residence, such as a utility bill under your name.
  • You can use the US State Department’s online application wizard to request a new passport. You can use different forms from you will be presented with a prompt “What are you applying for today?” To this prompt, answer “The data in my passport is not correct or has changed.”
  • You can also obtain a DS-5504 or a Data Correction form from any local US State Department branch in your city. In cities without a State Department branch, this form can be obtained from the local post office, county administrative services, or clerks of court.
  • Fill in the form completely and with care, using black or blue ink. Do not leave any field blank. You can also choose to fill in the form by typewriter. Have extra copies of the form ready, in case you make a mistake filling it up.
  • Once you have completed filling up the DS-5504 form, mail it back to the National Passport Processing Center. Standard applications don’t have any processing fee. However, it can take up to 8 weeks before you can get your new passport. You can have it rushed for a nominal fee, though.
  • You can call the National Passport Information Center at (877) 487-2778 if you need more information or help about submitting a form for a change of address, or if you are applying for a new passport.

Keeping your information up to date is part of the responsibilities you have as a passport owner. Be sure to submit the correct information completely, so that your new passport will be processed, and so that it will come to you on time. Any mistakes or incompleteness in filling up the form can result in delays in the processing.

Also, remember to keep your passport safe while traveling. You have probably heard of stories about people getting mugged, or losing their wallets and purses while on a trip. Your passport usually serves very important identification purposes both locally and abroad, and so you should take care of it as a very important document.


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