How To Charter a Yacht for Your Next Trip

Everyone needs to relax once in a while. Surely you have been on road trips, gone abroad to see different cultures and meet different people during vacation, but have you ever tried spending your vacation cruising? If not, now is the time to do so.

Here are some things you need to know when you charter a yacht for your next trip.

  1. Find a charter yacht broker. So you have already planned on whom to bring along, where and when to go, how long your next trip will be, and what it would be like. Before chartering a yacht, it is recommended that you to get a charter broker who will give professional and informational advice. He will help you get your needs based on his experience and knowledge, and he will give you a fair and unbiased judgment on which yacht company you should pick.
  2. Pick a yacht. What kind of charter yacht do you want? Is it a day-sailing yacht or a weekender yacht? Is it a cruising yacht or better yet a luxury sailing yacht? You need to know what kind of yacht you want for your trip. If you pick a weekender, cruising or a luxury sailing yacht, you need to choose between a bareboat charter or crewed charter. Bareboat charter is renting a boat with no crew such as stewards, a captain or cooks and you are responsible for handling such things. Crewed charter is renting the yacht staffed with stewards, captains, and cooks. You should think about this and decide if you have enough money to pay the rentals.
  3. Contracts. If the yacht is available, the company will give you a 'working hold' that is good for two weeks. A contract will also be sent to you for review and signature. Remember that timing is of the essence and that there are other people with brokers who would like to have the chance of getting the yacht.
  4. Deposits and confirmation. Keep in mind that at least 50% (or less if your reservation is made at least 6 months in advance) deposit is required, along with a signed agreement for the company to confirm the charter for you. You need to let them know additional information about you and your group, such as activities, food, and other items if ever you are planning to take a crewed charter.

These are the things that you need to know when you are chartering a yacht. The process may be long and time-consuming but in the end, you will see how worthy and important these suggestions are so you can just relax and enjoy your trip with the people you want to spend your charter yacht holiday with.


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